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Florida Governor- Rick Scott’s Record If you pay much attention to Florida Gov., Rick Scott you probably know that the vast majority of his campaign promises have not been...

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Over the past several years, we have all read, heard and most likely had conversations about Walmart and their impact on the American taxpayer. But in conducting research on the...

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Failure is simply pages of excuses. RJ Intindola – 1983   Remember, people want you to fail. It makes them feel better about themselves to see others fail. So disappoint them...

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                                                                            The Trump File   When I asked, a lifelong close friend why he was voting for Donald Trump, he...

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The Libertarian Party


  The Libertarian party- Issues and Platform

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson

Although I am very informed and engaged in the current presidential election, I must admit the shock when I began studying the Libertarian platform. Even more confusing are the results of several recent polls showing that many Bernie Sander’s millennials have moved toward the Libertarian party. The reason for my confusion is that the majority of their platform is further to the right than the Republican Party and diametrically opposite the issues adopted by the Sander’s progressive movement. In other words, why would a Sanders supporter migrate to a candidate that rebuffs the major components of the Sander’s platform.

I would be interested in hearing comments, especially from millennial’s, and more specifically from those who supported Bernie that now support the libertarians.

Key Issues

Johnson does not believe in climate change.

Johnson supports Citizens United.


Economy and Budget

  1. Pledged to submit a balanced budget within the first 100 days of his administration. This would necessitate a more than 20% decrease in current federal spending and will include the reduction of entitlements. A few departments would be eliminated and military spending dramatically decreased. Most experts on the Internet indicate this position would be dangerous to the economy and to senior citizens and low income individuals.
  2. They would reduce military spending by 20%. Military bases throughout the United States and the world would also be reduced by 20%. Experts on this issue indicate this proposal could jeopardize the security of the United States and our allies. Many indicated the proposal is dangerous.

Entitlements- Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

  1. In regard to Medicare and Medicaid, The libertarians would basically eliminate the role of the federal government. The literature on this issue believes this could result in 50 different systems and programs that could result in substantial chaos for these programs.
  2. Johnson, would reform Social Security, including increasing the eligibility age. His comments have ranged raising the age from 68 – 70.


Gun Control

  1. Does not believe the, “no-fly list”, should be utilized to deny a person gun ownership.
  2. Believes open carry should be a national policy as it will reduce mass shootings. He states that Americans would be safer if guns were more readily available and not restricted. He believes that private citizens carrying guns could have stopped some of the atrocities. He forgets that in Orlando there was a security guard on duty with a gun.
  3. Johnson believes that no restrictions should be placed on the purchase of automatic in semi automatic assault rifles

Medical and Abortion

  1. Supports abortion
  2. Supports Planned Parenthood
  3. Would eliminate the Affordable Care Act and has no plan to replace it with a different program.
  4. Does not believe in, nor would permit funding for stem cell research.
  5. Eliminate the Bush plan for prescription drug assistance.
  6. Does not believe in funding nor would support insurance four mental health issues.
  7. No government involvement whatsoever on any healthcare insurance.
  8. No government cost regulations related to prescription drug even those that are lifesaving.
  9. Reduce Medicare and Medicaid by at least 50% or eliminate altogether.


   International Trade

  1. In general Gary Johnson typically opposes trade agreements. However, he does support The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Republican Email Scandals You Never Herd of or Forgot About



This article should not be considered to be a testament of exoneration of the Hillary Clinton email situation. However, it should bring into the question why Republicans, who essentially did the same thing or worse were never questioned. I believe the consternation brought to bear on Hillary Clinton is simply because she is, who she is, and that Republicans ignore the same circumstances that exist within their own party. But more importantly, what astounded me as I conducted the research is the lack of press and media attention on all of the numerous other similar situations.

Let us begin with Jeb Bush, Florida Gov. from 1999 – 2007, who voluntarily from his own computer server posted thousands of emails online that were categorized by his own determination of what was relevant to government business. When questioned, the Bush campaign indicated that public records not related to government business were not turned over to the state. But again, similar to the Clinton situation, that was strictly based on the his discretion. Sources indicate that Bush did not include emails related to politics, his campaign, or donors asking for favors.

During the George W. Bush administration, Karl Rove, Deputy Chief of staff, deleted 22 million emails dating from2003 to 2005. Further, the Bush administration improperly utilized email of the Republican National Committee (RNC) that somehow disappeared. It was believed the RNC email system was utilized specifically because they would be hidden from public purview.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a watchdog group, alleged that the missing emails were possible violations of the Federal Presidential Records Act

In 2006, seven Democratic US Attorneys were fired and replaced with political hacks with little or no experience.  A congressional committee investigating the firing of the US attorneys requested the emails and learned they could not be found. At the time there was considerable outrage that the firings were simply a political act to protect VP Dick Cheney and his comrades for unmasking Valerie Palme, a CIA specialist. Palme was a covert CIA agent whose husband publicly criticized the Bush administration for invading Iraq without accurate information concerning weapons of mass destruction. As a result, of the unmasking Palme sued Cheney, Rove, and Scooter Libby, (Bush’s Chief of Staff) for conspiring to destroy her career. Scooter Libby was sentenced to serve 30 months in prison and pay a $250,000 fine. President Bush commuted his prison sentence, and therefore he is one no time.

A majority of the records regarding Palme scandal and the US attorney firings were deleted from the private political server located in the White House. Not a single Republican called for an investigation of this situation. The emails contained information regarding the firing of the eight attorneys who would’ve been involved with the prosecution in the Palme case. Wouldn’t it have been interesting to have those emails available? And where was the Republican outrage. It doesn’t exist because the name Hillary Clinton wasn’t involved.

In 2007, CREW and that National Security Archive sued the Bush administration, stating that he violated federal laws that required such records be maintained.






Obamacare has saved lives

Republican Notes- It’s All About Rape

Republican Comments concern abortioning and rape:

Do you know who made these comments- Scroll down for the answers

1. Who said this: “Rape is terrible. Rape is awful. Is it made any better by killing an innocent child? Does it solve the problem for the woman that’s been raped?” the XXXXX Republican asked at the St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers gathering.


2. Who said This:  Asked by a reporter how women could be expected to purchase abortion insurance in preparation of being raped, [Right to Life Michigan president, responded: “Nobody plans to have an accident in a car accident, nobody plans to have their homes flooded. You have to buy extra insurance for those two.”

A group backed by Right to Life of Michigan has been approved to circulate petitions seeking a new state law prohibiting health insurance companies from covering elective abortion procedures. The ballot committee No Taxes for Abortion Insurance wants to require women to purchase optional riders to cover abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Slog


1.  Kansas, Sen. Sam Brownback, campaigning for president Saturday before the National Catholic Men’s Conference, questioned whether rape victims should get abortions.

Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback


He also noted, He said that encouraging a woman who has been a victim of sexual abuse to have an abortion doesn’t address the problems she faces as a result of the rape and does nothing to prosecute the rapist. Link

2. Right to Life Michigan president Barbara Listing.

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Fact Checking The Affordable Care Act

In the 2014 congressional elections Republicans took control of the Senate and increased their stronghold on the House of Representatives. The most significant talking point by the Republicans concerned The Affordable Care Act. We thought it would be interesting to fact check their talking points which was similar throughout the party. We utilized fact check.o.org as our basic information source.

Below, is there description wherein FactCheck describes their mission

We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases. Our goal is to apply the best practices of both journalism and scholarship, and to increase public knowledge and understanding.

FactCheck.org is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The APPC was established by publisher and philanthropist Walter Annenberg to create a community of scholars within the University of Pennsylvania that would address public policy issues at the local, state and federal levels.  Link

Their Funding information can be found here. Funding

As you may have determined, they are a nonpartisan organization.

Republican talking point number 1:

The Affordable Care Act puts the government between you and your doctor.

FactCheck Answer:

Those “government-run” health care claims were once so ubiquitous we called them a “mantra.” They’ve died down considerably, but we’re still seeing them in 2014 congressional races. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t create a government-run system, in which the government provides health insurance, or care, to residents. It does expand Medicaid, and also boosts business for private insurers, by about 12 million customers over the next decade, and leaves intact work-based insurance on which most Americans have long relied.

An ad from Florida House GOP candidate Curt Clawson says: “You and your doctor, it’s an important relationship. But Obamacare created a trillion-dollar mountain of government between patients and physicians.” Video

And in an ad about how Washington is broken, Oklahoma Senate candidate T.W. Shannon says future generations will inherit “a health care system run by bureaucrats, not doctors and patients.” Video

As we’ve said before, the law’s regulatory provisions are more like putting the government between you and your insurance company. The ACA says insurers can’t have caps on coverage, can’t deny customers based on preexisting conditions (or charge them more), and can’t spend more than 15 percent or 20 percent on non-medical-related costs. It also requires coverage of preventive care, such as cancer screenings, with no cost-sharing.

The law doesn’t create a single-payer system, in which the government insures everyone. In fact, while the law is expected to cut the number of uninsured Americans by 25 million, it still leaves 31 million uninsured.

Republicans also have repeatedly attacked the Independent Payment Advisory Board as a bureaucrat-filled rationing board. But the IPAB, which is created by the health care law, is charged with slowing the rate of growth of Medicare spending, and it’s limited in how it can go about doing that. The law says the board’s proposals “shall not include any recommendation to ration health care, raise revenues or Medicare beneficiary premiums … increase Medicare beneficiary cost sharing (including deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments), or otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility criteria.” The IPAB is made up of medical professionals, health care experts, economists and consumer representatives, not bureaucrats.

– Lori Robertson  FactCheck.org

The Republican talking point is a myth or stated more correctly, a lie. But their constituents will believe anything they say.





The Daily Hit-1-23-1015

Obama And Biden Meet With Israeli PM Netanyahu At White HouseObama Will Not Meet With Netanyahu During Trip To Washington

A White House spokesperson indicated that President Barack Obama would not be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he addresses a joint session of Congress this March. Click on link above for more of the story.

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Thoughts to ponder

Failure is simply pages of excuses. RJ Intindola – 1983


Remember, people want you to fail. It makes them feel better about themselves to see others fail. So disappoint them by succeeding. R.J. Intindola–1981


The easiest way to quit smoking-Update-Part II

My Story

For nearly 34 years, I smoked cigarettes and sometimes cigars. I tried on several occasions to stop smoking but to no avail. As an aid, I tried every conceivable product on the market, including gum, patches, inhalers, nose spray and three years ago my doctor prescribed Chantix. That also failed and I refused to try other prescription remedies. As I do with most everything in my life, when I embark upon something new I conduct extensive research. Although too easily, I gave up once again, always telling myself the time wasn’t right. No method helped reduce the urge especially when drinking a cup of coffee, or going out with friends for a drink.

After two consecutive bouts with bronchial pneumonia in 2012, I was beginning to have difficulty breathing. When my doctor prescribed an inhaler and Advair to help me breathe better, I reluctantly filled the prescriptions.  I knew my condition was only going to get worse. In late September 2012, I was in Deerfield Beach Florida spending a few days with my cousin. He was busy one evening so I made the one block walk to the beach that has numerous bars and restaurants in a two block area. I was to meet three friends. On the way to meet them I stopped in a drugstore and purchased a single pack of cigarettes. The price with tax was $6.95. Most states were beginning to increase cigarette taxes dramatically as a method to obtain revenue because they knew smokers are addicted to the nicotine and would buy them regardless of the cost. And they were right.

On the short walk to meet my friends, I mentally calculated the monthly cost of cigarettes.  When I repeated the number mentally for the second time, my brain made me stop walking. Yes, I had calculated the cost before and always promised myself I would quit. But now coupled with my recent illnesses that were only going to get worse and also have additional costs, it was time for me to get more serious. A few minutes later, I saw two of my friend standing in the alley outside the bar and approached only to find one of them puffing on some weird contraption and teasingly bulling the aroma of hemp oil toward me. Another friend was blowing out smoke of what appeared to be a cigarette that contained no smoke. Both of these individuals had were heavy smokers for years.

They were describing their electric cigarettes to me when Greg, another friend appeared from the bar. He too was puffing on one of these devices. You too, I said.   Tomorrow will be two months, since I smoked a cigarette, he proudly pronounced. And I started when I was 17, he added. He then pointed to Frank and said he quit over two weeks ago.

I pivoted toward my third friend David, and asked, what about you? I’m not ready to quit, he said, but I reduced the amount I smoked a day from two packs down to one pack. He went on to explain that half of the time he smoked each day was with electric cigarettes.

Five weeks later on October 26, 2012, I quit smoking by using electric cigarettes and haven’t smoked since. Currently, I am at the lowest level of nicotine. More on this continuing story will be posted next week. However, having participated in several trials of testing electric cigarettes, in my opinion the best one is V2cigs. Here is a link to obtain more information.


The easiest way to quit smoking

Part II

On a few occasions over the next week, Frank and I spoke regarding the research he conducted when he decided to quit smoking. He also had tried various methods including prescription medications. He indicated that he tried several different e-cig brands at various retail stores and suggested I do the same. He further recommended against using Blu e-cigs as they had the worst taste.

When I asked if he did any research on the Internet, he indicated a very little because he didn’t have the time. Over the next week, I conducted nearly 20 hours of research on the Internet and tried three different brands I purchased from various retail stores. I learned a lot from the research of what one should consider when purchasing an e-cig.

Most of what I learned is described in part three and four of this paper. The reader can also refer to the bottom of this report for links related to further information on e-cigs.

I thoroughly went through reviews on several different websites and made a list of 20 brands. In a form letter I emailed the 20 different companies requesting one or two samples of their menthol cigarette. I explained the attempt to utilize them in order to quit smoking. Four companies did not respond however, within three weeks I received 16 different samples. Of the four that did not respond, I never heard back from two and the other two indicated they would give me a 50% discount. Believe it or not, two with these four companies are no longer in business.

During the time I was waiting for the samples, I reviewed various sites, including one that addressed the subject of testing the cigarettes. Anyone pursuing this method to quit smoking should do the same. Just think of the challenge of sampling 16 different products and trying to decipher your top three or four candidates. It would be like testing 16 different tomato soup brands.

Again, this subject is more thoroughly described in part three and four and there are some key characteristics you should consider when attempting to determine which product to purchase. One principle which is understandable was to wait and conduct the testing of all of the brands at one time. This is not to say you cannot conduct several different tests but each one should include a sample of all brands being considered.

In the end, I narrowed the brands down to three although a fourth was close. These included V2-cigs, Green Smoke and South Beach. I emailed each company to tell them the process was undertaking and was interested in obtaining the largest discount possible in order to consider using their brand. Both V2 and South Beach gave me a 50% discount and through in some free products. Green Smoke on the other hand, gave me a 20% discount and no additional products. I made the purchase anyway because they had ranked first on three of the eighth separate tests I conducted. After two weeks, during which I did not spoke a single regular cigarette, I chose V2 and Green Smoke. They both slightly edged out South Beach and I could not select clear winner. After utilizing these two brands for approximately 4 months, I decided to utilize only the V2 brand. First, they were comparable in taste and performance Green Smoke and also 20% cheaper. They further had the best customer service.

In part three, I explain and provide a visible picture regarding the components of an electric cigarettes and how they function. In part four, I provide a comprehensive description on how you should make your selection and conduct your own personalized test.


V2 Cigarettes

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