Rhode Island-Indivisible-Chapters and Groups

Democratic Socialist Party   — Democratic socialism is a political ideology that advocates political democracy alongside workers ownership of the means of production, often with an emphasis on democratic management of enterprises within a socialist economic system.

 Indivisible RI   —  Inspired by the Indivisible Team, we Rhode Islanders support Sen. Reed, Sen. Whitehouse, Rep. Langevin & Rep. Cicilline in opposing the Trump agenda. Website

Indivisible Rhode Island-NewportCounty  — This group is for those who want to follow the Indivisible Guide method: i.e develop a local strategy targeting individual Members of Congress to defeat the Trump agenda. In our case, that’s Whitehouse, Reed, Cicilline and Langevin and our LOCAL elected officials.

The Intersectional Resistance of New England  —  WE WILL BE CHANGING THIS PAGE TO A GROUP TO IMPROVE OUR COMMUNICATION. Please join our group by the same name: The Intersectional Resistance of New England.

Religious Coalition for a Violence-Free Rhode Island    —  As religious leaders from various faith traditions, we come together to assert that safety and security are fundamental needs of all human beings and are necessary for a stable and healthy society. We recognize the inherent worth and dignity of each person and the equal entitlement of every member of the human family to life, liberty and security of person.

Resist Hate RI  —  This is a moderated discussion group. All members are welcome to post, subject to these guidelines: Resist Hate RI is a hub for organizing action in Rhode Island. Posts should be relevant to our mission of activism.

 Southern Rhode Island Progressive Alliance   —  Save our Democracy