Colorado-Indivisible-Chapters and Groups

616 Pine -Active Democrats looking for ways to improve our chances of winning back our government.


Action Together Network Colorado  -Human Rights Activism Organization in Colorado. Associated with Pantsuit Nation, Action Together Network and Together We Will National organizations. We fight against fascism and for human rights.

Civic Sundays – Denver -This group is meant to help us be more civic-minded and to focus our energies on actions that will make a difference to the causes we care deeply about.

Compassion Action Now (CAN) Greeley, Colorado

Democrats Organizing For America  -Political Organization in Estes Park, Colorado

Denver Action Committee  -We are a group of every day citizens with no real experience in political action, yet we resolved that we could not sit idly by while America’s new president makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises to gain power and enrich himself and his cronies.

Eagle County Dems Rapid Response Team Help resist Donald Trump and GOP extremism and protect our hard-fought progressive gains. Most actions will be so easy you can do them from home, and include:

East BOCO+ CAN (Colorado Action Network, affiliated with Boulder CAN)

Fort Collins Indivisible 

Indivisible Central Colorado 5th District  –This is a group for residents of Congressional District 5 (Rep. Doug Lamborn which covers Chaffee, El Paso, Fremont, Park, and Teller counties

Indivisible Colorado 6th District

Indivisible Colorado Independents —Seeking Colorado Independents to Fight for Freedom, Democracy, Ethics, and for all people in the great state of Colorado. coloindependents@gmail.com

Indivisible Pagosa  — Indivisible Pagosa is a group of local citizens working toward making our government work for all of us. Our government is us.

Indivisible Centennial West 

Indivisible Colorado Springs

Indivisible Denver –Indivisible Denver is a group of concerned citizens in Colorado’s 1st Congressional District working to fight extremism in the Trump Administration.

Indivisible East Boulder

Indivisible Front Range Resistance (IFRR)– Indivisible Front Range Resistance (IFRR) is for residents up and down the FR corridor (roughly Pueblo-Fort Collins) who are dedicated to providing sustained AND rapid resistance actions to: See More

Millennials and Baby Boomers –Louisville, CO

Organizing for Action-Conifer CO.

The Pinprick Project  -This group is about taking small, bite-sized actions that in large numbers can make an impact.

Progressive Women’s Resistance – We are part of the Indivisible movement. This movement is aware of any attrocity the Rs will commit against our values as Dems, and against the removal of many of the wonderful programs

A Rise to Action – Rising to action to protect fundamental democratic values of liberty, justice and equality and to fight against the use of fear, prejudice and ignorance as tools of control by:

Three One-Minute Phone Calls  –Calling your Congressperson is an easy and effective way to express your concerns about issues.

Together We Will Colorado This is the official page for the state grassroots organization, Together We Will Colorado, affiliated with Together We Will USA.

WOW!  (Women Organizing for Women) is a group of women who wish to engage in creative, artistic and fun networking and activism in relation to women’s initiatives. Originally forming over the 2014

Youth Stand United  –Youth Stand United is a nonprofit youth coalition with the mission of igniting the engagement of the youth of America in the political process to elect progressive government leaders with beliefs more representative of our diverse nation.