Walmart: The American disgrace

Although I have boycotted Walmart for nearly a year, when visiting my condo in West Palm Beach last week, I reluctantly went there to shop with my cousin. The visit seem to substantiate my feelings and opinion on the enterprise. None of the shopping carts work properly and there were S several spewed throughout the parking lot which was covered in litter and trash.  My cousin was looking for a Bluetooth and only one person was working in the relevant department. She was being harassed by several needy customers who were becoming frustrated. After 20 minutes we left to get wine that was on sale in the grocery department. But after standing in line for nearly 10 minutes, we left the wine on a shelf with several other products that people appear to have randomly placed there. How does this organization have such a large profit and stay in business? How can we forget; They pay their people poverty wages.

The American disgrace