Rubio and Guns -On the wrong side again


1-18 2013

From the perspective of many political pundits, Marco Rubio is an embarrassment to Florida and not close to being ready for prime time. If you have been sleeping the past several months, please be advised that Marco Rubio thinks he’s a prime candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Fact of the matter is, he’s a lousy United States Sen. and lacks the intellect to comprehensively discuss many of the issues.

And the gun issue is the latest subject where he is stumbling to find the right message. Eyeonmiamiblog notes, “When quoted by the national press, Rubio sounds like a candidate reciting from the playbook that lost the last election.” Rubio hasn’t yet got the memo but that mainly stems from his from the fact that he lacks analytical ability. Till Marco Rubio he is on the wrong side and that Floridians are against assault weapons and magazines that will hold more than 100 rounds.