Republican Notes- It’s All About Rape

Republican Comments concern abortioning and rape:

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1. Who said this: “Rape is terrible. Rape is awful. Is it made any better by killing an innocent child? Does it solve the problem for the woman that’s been raped?” the XXXXX Republican asked at the St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers gathering.


2. Who said This:  Asked by a reporter how women could be expected to purchase abortion insurance in preparation of being raped, [Right to Life Michigan president, responded: “Nobody plans to have an accident in a car accident, nobody plans to have their homes flooded. You have to buy extra insurance for those two.”

A group backed by Right to Life of Michigan has been approved to circulate petitions seeking a new state law prohibiting health insurance companies from covering elective abortion procedures. The ballot committee No Taxes for Abortion Insurance wants to require women to purchase optional riders to cover abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Slog


1.  Kansas, Sen. Sam Brownback, campaigning for president Saturday before the National Catholic Men’s Conference, questioned whether rape victims should get abortions.

Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback


He also noted, He said that encouraging a woman who has been a victim of sexual abuse to have an abortion doesn’t address the problems she faces as a result of the rape and does nothing to prosecute the rapist. Link

2. Right to Life Michigan president Barbara Listing.

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