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The death of quality education in the state of Georgia

Today, our site and blog received the following e-mail concerning some of our best public servants in this country. Teachers.  It appears they care more about the future of our country than the governor and the Georgia Department of Education. This is not asking for additional monies, but is simply asking for monies already owed to  the Cherokee County School Board. We urge everyone, not only from Cherokee County, but from the entire country to support this initiative. Don’t let states divert monies for education simply because it’s an easy political out for them. Let them know, education has a strong constituency.

If we do not act now, the possibility of increased class size, discontinuing art and music classes, loss of bus services, charging for the ability to play in school sports programs, loss of technology, a freeze on refreshing text books, ½ day Kindergarten, and the list goes on and on, will be rapidly approaching!  This will affect the quality of your child’s education.  Please don’t think it won’t or can’t happen.  The economy did not cause this issue – Cherokee County is holding a rolling IOU totaling over $43M that the State has not paid with monies dating back to 2005! TAKE ACTION NOW! 

Join us! We are asking each Local Unit to participate in an eraser campaign –

Don’t Erase the Future of Education”.

Take part in our eraser campaign and advocate for our children! Forward the following message to all the families and staff at your school (with your principal’s permission) and ask them to help us with this simple task immediately! 

The Eraser Campaign will run from now until to Friday, March 26, 2010. 

Please copy the attached letter and send it home immediately or via email!  

Thank you for your support! Together we CAN make a difference!!!

Local Units Boards – what to do:

  1. First log on to Capitol Watch and find out who your elected officials are for your area.  (We couldn’t do this for you as not everyone in the County have the exact same representatives.)
  2. Gather all the addresses that your parents will need and put in the attached letter to parents BEFORE sending it out. Send the letter home to parents immediately!
  3. Please do not send one big envelope going to each representative at the Capitol; rather send several different envelopes containing used erasers so that they don’t forget us!
  4. As a Local Unit, you to can collect used erasers and enclose them in an envelope and mail them to the Legislature along with the flyer attached!
  5. Send reminders to parents and teachers as much as possible.  Ask your Principal if you can add a reminder to morning or afternoon announcements.

                       Thank you for your support

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