Rick Scott-Rips off senior citizens and other taxpayers


John Schilling, a former employee of Columbia/HCA and FBI informant, detailed Rick Scott’s criminal enterprise. He is a CPA and aided the FBI in their investigation of Rick Scott and his company. He explains how Rick Scott ripped off senior citizens and stole from the American taxpayer. Florida voters, including Republicans should not embarrass themselves by reelecting a criminal. Putting its distinctly, Rick Scott is a millionaire crook.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker was born on November 2, 1967 in Colorado prings Colorado. He was elected governor of Wisconsin on November 2, 2010 by defeating Tom Barrett by a margin of 52 to 47%. Walker is a Republican and assumed the office on January 3, 2011.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who despite substantial concessions by the unions, continues his effort to legislatively negate their ability to bargain in good future. Here is an individual who could not complete college and cost Milwaukee County millions of dollars through mismanagement as the County Executive Officer. As governor, he is on a mission to financially ruin the middle class.

Important facts Regarding Scott Walker

Employment history-Walker left college before graduating, noting that he obtained a job and supporting his family was the highest priority. However, one should question his family values when you consider he ran for public office within a year of leaving Marquette University.

Walker claims that busting the public unions was part of his campaign agenda. Quite simply stated, it was not and many sources note his statement as a substantial flaw in his personality. Not being truthful.  Not True. According to PolitiFact.com, Walker has no problem stating that union busting was a major campaign issue while looking the press and the public straight in the face. So much for the honesty of the Wisconsin governor.

Another Walker tactic reeks of cronyism and Republicans and Democrats alike should rebel in unison for this callow action. Apparently, Walker wanted to ensure he has political control over the state of Wisconsin assembly in the future.  And therefore indebted both the leader of the Senate and Speaker of the Wisconsin House to him. Scott Fitzgerald is the leader of the Senate and his brother Jeff Fitzgerald is the Speaker of the House.  In February, an opening occurred for the position of chief of the Wisconsin State troopers. And by sheer coincidence, the job was given to Stephen Fitzgerald, the 68 year old father of the leaders of the Wisconsin General Assembly. Shockingly, he is paid $107,000 annually. Conscientious? Concerned that the state government be administered properly? Not Scott Walker. One of the basic initiating principles that established unions was the elimination of cronyism and nepotism in government employment. It seems that Scott Walker wants to return to the old days. I’m sure all of his followers and signature required loyalists will find rational logic for his decision in this case.

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Update: March 19, 2011- According to Green Bay progressive, a Dane County judge issued a temporary restraining order that delays implementation of Governor Walker’s bill undermining workers’ rights until the underlying lawsuit filed by AFSCME and other concerned parties is resolved. Link Restraining Order

Update: March 28, 2011-findings from the latest approval/disapproval poll on Gov. Scott Walker.     March 27, 2011 poll It appears his approval rating is remaining somewhat constant but the disapproval rating is fluid.