Tom Graves – Chip Rogers

Tea Party hypocrisy

Tom Graves, a U.S. Rep.  and tea party favorite from Georgia, borrows money to renovate a hotel in Calhoun Georgia that he knows he cannot repay.  He and his partner, Chip Rogers, state senate majority leader and fellow republican are partners in this endeavor.  This is a good read and verifies the hypocrisy of the tea party and overall Republican Party.  While Graves is fighting raising the debt limit, he is knowingly going into debt himself.

“Kerwin Swint, a political science professor at Kennesaw State University
and a former GOP consultant, said  charging Graves with hypocrisy could
be an easy case to make.”  Atlanta Journal-Constitution-8-11-2011) Swint added, “I can also see how people would take him to task for saying on one hand government has to be responsible [for its debts] and then pulling that kind of thing.” this is an understatement as most tea party people and their base Republican Party typically vote against their personal convictions and beliefs.

GravesandChip sunk a ship