Kennesaw Georgia Quality Inn = Disaster

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Now for the bad: some friends of ours came into town over the weekend of November 19 2010 and booked a room at the Quality Inn in Kennesaw Georgia. Let me state from the beginning that you should avoid staying at this hotel at all cost. Highly overpriced, the facility offers few amenities, is dirty, and it’s been reported that bedbugs manage the place by committee. However, the doors do not automatically close, so when my friends went to get coffee, their purse and wallet was stolen. Ripped off. Left with nothing, no license, no credit card, no cash. What did the Quality Inn offer? Nothing. Save for an apology, the hotel offered no reimbursements for the nights they stayed there. What kind of people manage this facility? To reiterate, boycott and avoid this hotel at all cost. And remember, the word Quality as in Quality Inn, is simply a play on words when it comes to the Kennesaw facility.