The University of Florida arrest record under Urban Meyer

Numerous articles and even real sports on HBO have alluded to the disgraceful arrest records that occurred during the tenure of Urban Meyer as coach of the Florida Gators. Many believe, Meyer will take his arrest record act on the road now that he has assumed the head coaching position at Ohio State.

An USA Today article, dated September 24, 2010, notes, “But another statistic is more bedeviling: at least 31 off-the-field arrests involving 25 of Meyer’s players dating to the summer of 2005, according to a running count by the Orlando Sentinel. Many have been typical college-years brushes with the law, from alcohol possession to disorderly conduct. But a dozen involved initial charges of felonies or violent misdemeanors, and the run of incidents has shared front-page space with Florida’s on-the-field accomplishments and invited pointed questions about the program’s virtue.” You can read the entire USA Today article here.