Is anything about Mitt Romney real?

Mitt Romney has produced a campaign ad whose main message is to prove that he is Michigan’s native son. He is seen driving a car through the Michigan country and states, “I grew up in Michigan,” and he continues,”I remember going to the Detroit auto show with my dad.” The ad quickly shifts to a picture of Romney and his father looking down on what is intended to be the Detroit auto show. There is only one problem with the picture. He and his father are standing above and looking down at the1964 world’s fair in New York. Oh, and did we mention the car Romney is driving in the ad is made in Canada, not the United States. I know Democrats have absolutely no respect for Romney and most independents have also turned away. These people understand that he is a phony, a liar and cannot be trusted to hold the highest office on earth. As for the Republicans, they are signed sealed and delivered robots who would vote against their own convictions and moral standings. And let’s not forget, some of them are simply racist.

Romney Drives