The Anti-Americans

Below is the oath of office given to all state elected officials within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We checked the 15 other states, including Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio whom have very similar requirements for state elected officials. You will note that the oath requires an affirmation to, support, uphold, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Both the XV and the XIX Amendments of the United States Constitution guarantee and protect the right to vote.

Therefore, one would believe that in Pennsylvania and other states where elected officials are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, they would protect the right to vote at all cost. To not uphold the Constitution and one’s right to vote, in our opinion would be Anti-American. In the 2012 presidential election there was considerable discussion regarding the Republican Party’s attempts to thwart the ability of certain groups and individuals from voting. These efforts were mainly directed towards minorities and other groups that typically vote Democratic. Un-American without a doubt. On this post which will be updated on a regular basis, we will list those individuals of any party affiliation who are making an effort to affect the voting rights of American Citizens. We will deem them as Anti-American and on a second post will display their pictures. Please let us hear your comments on this matter as it is a serious issue.

The list begins below the Pennsylvania oath of office.

  § 3. Oath of office. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
       Senators, Representatives and all judicial, State and county
     officers shall, before entering on the duties of their
     respective offices, take and subscribe the following oath or
     affirmation before a person authorized to administer oaths.
        "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey
     and defend the Constitution of the United States and the
     Constitution of this Commonwealth and that I will discharge the
     duties of my office with fidelity."
        The oath or affirmation shall be administered to a member of
     the Senate or to a member of the House of Representatives in the
     hall of the House to which he shall have been elected.
        Any person refusing to take the oath or affirmation shall
     forfeit his office.
     (May 17, 1966, 1965 P.L.1928, J.R.10)

 Reince Priebus:

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is pushing a Republican program in blue states
that will greatly alter the outcome of presidential elections. It is unlikely that Pres.
Obama would have one under this system even though he would have lead in the popular vote. Under this
concept, blue states such as Pennsylvania which Obama won handedly would distribute elected Oriel
votes based on the winner of congressional districts. Due to gerrymandering redistricting in 2010, the
state government of Pennsylvania is controlled by Republicans as they won more seats. However, the
Democrats overall cast more votes for the house even though Republicans won more seats within the
gerrymandered districts.    Gerrymandering