Electric Cigarettes- What You Need To Know- The Best Brands

Different from most sites that affiliate with electric cigarette companies, we do not have high or glowing pinions of every company. Currently, we affiliate and recommend only two brands. These include V2 and Green Smoke. Our opinions are based on an actua blind trial tests by former and current cigarette smokers, price, and most importantly customer service. Although they may exist, we cannot locate another website that actually conducts blind tests of various brands.

How are blind tests are conducted:
In each case, we utilize five individuals, two of which are existing and three are former smokers. Two of them utilize a non-nicotine vanilla flavored, one a non-nicotine mint flavored, and two a nicotine cartridge. The rating scale ranges from 0 to 10. Raters  can rate with tents of a percent such as 5.8.

The first series tests occurred over a period of 4 months with V2 scoring a rating of 8.7 and Green Smoke a 8.6. These were the two highest ratings.