Articles and links on Electric Cigarettes

There may be many sites out there that promote, rate and affiliate with the electric cigarette companies however, none that we can locate provide reference material, resources and links on the subject. This post is the substitute for the lack of information provided by websites pushing specific electronic cigarettes. We also include here the ongoing debate regarding electronic cigarettes. Please note, as of this date there are no known scientific studies on the subject as the product and concept is relatively new. So if you are seeking an unbiased opinion and review, you can return here for information on the subject compiled in one post.


5-02-2013-History of Electronic Cigarettes. randolphreview.com


10-12-2011:-The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary     The results of the first clinical trial of electronic cigarettes, reported yesterday in the journal BMC Public Health, suggest that these devices may be more effective than traditional nicotine replacement products( NRT) for smoking cessation and may be particularly effective in smokers who are unmotivated to quit. The Study

5-00-2012:- Do e-cigarettes help smokers quit? consumerrepotrs.org

4-15-2013:- E-cigarettes primarily used to quit tobacco, study finds. foxnews.com

4-23-2013:- Dr. Keith’s clinical results of 3 patients who quit smoking with e-cigs. foxnews.com


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