Why the University of Miami Should Not Receive any More Penalities

Mark Emmert-NCAA Executive Director

Mark Emmert-NCAA Executive Director

On February 5, 2013 we stated the paragraph below related to the University of Miami, NCAA investigation.

“Depending on how you view the situation, the current NCAA investigation of allegations against the University of Miami has impacted three recruiting classes. In November 2012, we reported between 8 to 17 players chose other schools over the University of Miami due to impending sanctions. We can now more accurately state that between 11 to 18 players made decisions to attend schools other than Miami due to pending sanctions. Coaches tell us the cloud hanging over Miami is constantly used aganist them by other schools. FSU’s Jimbo Fisher is specifically mentioned as one who points out the NCAA investigation to recruits considering Miami.” Entire Article

On September 24, 2013 Greg Cote, Wrote the following in a Miami Herald article: if you’ll forgive an estimate and a rounded number for dramatic effect, let’s just go ahead and call it “1,000 Days of Hell” now — and counting — for University of Miami athletics in the bumbling hands of the ponderous NCAA. Article

A few months ago we learned that Keith Bryant, a Rivals four star defensive tackle from Delray Beach, Florida, was persuaded to attend Florida State, because of of impending sanctions against the University of Miami.  While we attempted to speak with Mr. Bryant, who did not return phone calls, we were able to make contact with a few of his friends and Delray Beach teammates. Of the five people we spoke to, there was one common theme. Florida State coaches routinely stated they had inside information and that Miami would receive additional penalties, including more post season bowl bans and get hit hard with scholarship reductions. One coach continually threw-out the thought that the scholarship situation would keep Miami down for at least the next five years.

Bryant who leaned toward Miami at one point bought into the comments. And according to a family friend, so did other recruits.
We have adjusted the February estimate ans now believe 14 to 19 players went elsewhere due to pending sanctions and penalties. Considering, the University Miami has self-imposed not attending three postseason games, endured a sloppy unethical investigation by the NCAA, and lost players due to the length of the investigation, they should not receive any additional sanctions or penalties.

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