Leaving home to escape: What?

Several years ago, at a picnic a friend proclaimed, that he would soon be leaving and moving to Washington DC to change his life. He proudly boasted that he already had forwarded the appropriate monies for an apartment in Northern Virginia. He had been divorced for five years from a rocky marriage that never should have been consummated and could never settle on one occupation and therefore moved from job to job. On the positive side, Tom, was intelligent and had an outstanding background in sales. He never longed for money, just happiness.
The women he dated since his divorce fit into the trophy category and no relationship lasted longer than three months. His descriptions of them were basically of appearance, sexuality and about how they were a great match. He and his dates typically for over music, food, material objects and life’s philosophy in general. And he was typically 15 to 20 years senior to them. Tom once bragged that he had to listen to rap music while driving from Fort Lauderdale to Key West. He actually hated rap music.
He asked several of us for our thoughts and most gave the polite response concerning him being happy. A few even shook his hand, patted him on the back and one stated, “you have to go where your heart tells you to go.” It was obvious to me and a few others that he avoided directly seeking my opinion.
While driving Frank home from the picnic, he noted his observation that Tom sought almost everyone else’s opinion save for mind in reference to his move. He asked for my opinion. I told him, that you should only move for, employment, education, medical reasons, or because you’re retired and moved to a place you loved visiting 100 times.
The problem with Tom’s move is that he was running away from the problems he created as a result of his personality. In the end, since Tom is the problem, the problems will be moving with him.

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