A brief history for Romney Ryan- By Harmon Brody

A brief history for Romney Ryan.

Paul Ryan’s, father died when he was in high school. My father’s father died when he was 11. My father quit school to support his mother, disabled brother and sister in Hell’s kitchen in Brooklyn, NY in 1919. It didn’t qualify him to become vice president, but he knew more about economics than Paul Ryan ever will. He put his sister through college, cared for his brother and mother, self-taught himself accounting, budgeting, printing, banking and criminal justice. In 1962, thanks to an anti-Semitic judge he was fired and blackballed from government service where he had been employed for five years, his pension was withheld. He remained unemployed for 5 yrs. He managed his family, hustled a living, paid off a house and sent his kids to school. But he couldn’t be the Vice President. What’s the point of this?

The practicality of managing a home, a family and providing for them in the most challenging of circumstances has lost visibility in a nation where our leaders are millionaires or billionaires who have rarely had to struggle as did those depression era immigrants and their children. Oh and my father worked for peanuts to build his employers businesses.

In 1918, a Spanish Influenza epidemic killed upwards of a quarter million citizens of New York City before the conservative city health director declared it an epidemic. William Randolph Hearst, a billionaire politician and publisher thought an epidemic would be bad for business, so as Health Commissioner he overlooked thousands of people dropping like flies in the streets. He might have been Paul Ryan. No matter how rich or poor you were, the flu killed you as there were no immune systems that were capable of fighting it. But New York City and my father and his mother and sister and brother survived. So I don’t want to hear about Paul Ryan’s dad. It is irrelevant. His father was well off, so was he. He coped.

Education- Ryan attended Miami of Ohio University and studied economics. He was not a scholarship student, he could pay. Must have been nice. In Economics, he forgot, that Equity, or that which is owed to the investors is a substantial part of the business or non-profit or government entity involved. In the USA, the Equity, the non-acknowledged investment of the workers who expend their health, energy and lives to build someone else’s entity, rarely see a return. Thanks to President Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and now Barack Obama, there are retirement funds(Social Security), Old age health insurance (Medicare and Medicaid), and a modicum of health care(Affordable Care Act) guaranteed for all others. Had it been left up to Messrs.’ Ryan and Romney that wouldn’t exist and should they get elected, it will likely cease. Why ? because those who worked hard and made this nation a success and who died on the battlefields where it was preserved, well they have no acknowledged equity.

Case in point. The worker is everything. When 350 million Indians went on strike for a day under the leadership of Mohandas Gandhi, Britain shook in its boots. The Royals knew that this could be contagious and the factory workers everywhere throughout the empire might learn from the little brown man in the sheets. IF Ryan and Romney are elected, maybe if they aren’t, days of prayer and fasting (strikes) might take place. It would be akin to how Spartacus shut down Rome when most slaves ran to his side and away from their masters.