A brief history for Romney Ryan- By Harmon Brody

A brief history for Romney Ryan.

Paul Ryan’s, father died when he was in high school. My father’s father died when he was 11. My father quit school to support his mother, disabled brother and sister in Hell’s kitchen in Brooklyn, NY in 1919. It didn’t qualify him to become vice president, but he knew more about economics than Paul Ryan ever will. He put his sister through college, cared for his brother and mother, self-taught himself accounting, budgeting, printing, banking and criminal justice. In 1962, thanks to an anti-Semitic judge he was fired and blackballed from government service where he had been employed for five years, his pension was withheld. He remained unemployed for 5 yrs. He managed his family, hustled a living, paid off a house and sent his kids to school. But he couldn’t be the Vice President. What’s the point of this?

The practicality of managing a home, a family and providing for them in the most challenging of circumstances has lost visibility in a nation where our leaders are millionaires or billionaires who have rarely had to struggle as did those depression era immigrants and their children. Oh and my father worked for peanuts to build his employers businesses.

In 1918, a Spanish Influenza epidemic killed upwards of a quarter million citizens of New York City before the conservative city health director declared it an epidemic. William Randolph Hearst, a billionaire politician and publisher thought an epidemic would be bad for business, so as Health Commissioner he overlooked thousands of people dropping like flies in the streets. He might have been Paul Ryan. No matter how rich or poor you were, the flu killed you as there were no immune systems that were capable of fighting it. But New York City and my father and his mother and sister and brother survived. So I don’t want to hear about Paul Ryan’s dad. It is irrelevant. His father was well off, so was he. He coped.

Education- Ryan attended Miami of Ohio University and studied economics. He was not a scholarship student, he could pay. Must have been nice. In Economics, he forgot, that Equity, or that which is owed to the investors is a substantial part of the business or non-profit or government entity involved. In the USA, the Equity, the non-acknowledged investment of the workers who expend their health, energy and lives to build someone else’s entity, rarely see a return. Thanks to President Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and now Barack Obama, there are retirement funds(Social Security), Old age health insurance (Medicare and Medicaid), and a modicum of health care(Affordable Care Act) guaranteed for all others. Had it been left up to Messrs.’ Ryan and Romney that wouldn’t exist and should they get elected, it will likely cease. Why ? because those who worked hard and made this nation a success and who died on the battlefields where it was preserved, well they have no acknowledged equity.

Case in point. The worker is everything. When 350 million Indians went on strike for a day under the leadership of Mohandas Gandhi, Britain shook in its boots. The Royals knew that this could be contagious and the factory workers everywhere throughout the empire might learn from the little brown man in the sheets. IF Ryan and Romney are elected, maybe if they aren’t, days of prayer and fasting (strikes) might take place. It would be akin to how Spartacus shut down Rome when most slaves ran to his side and away from their masters.

Harmon Brody Speaks Out

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Subject: Bob Schieffer :Trump Guilty of Racism-4-26-2011
Schieffer spoke what everyone with a brain surely knows. The multitude of racially motivated attacks will no longer masquerade as valid. They have truly been the race card of the last three years not those merely called it as it was. There is a state of mind by news commentato­rs that boggles the mind as educated white pundits boldly denied that race isnt an issue, They as white have no credibilit­y in recognizin­g the centuries old epiphets and innuendo and looks that betray racism. Having been married for 12 years to a magnificen­t woman who happens to be Black, and having felt those stares travelling throuh lfe with her, and suffered with her the indignitie­s that no one could know but a Black woman, I can attest to that unspoken venom that swirls in the air, She once remarked to a group in a seminar that from the time she walked into the room they had made decisions about who she was based on her race and though everyone denied it…she elucidated each and every thought that might have arrived in their minds. In a newspaper series she once wrote on racism, she likened having to live as a Black person and endure the abuses was like Little Murders.I know that President Obama could write a book composed of the serial murders that are visited upon his spirit day to day. No it isnt a race card, it is calling a racist card for what it is.

Michele Bachmann


We feel you Michele

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Bachmann was born Michele Amble on April 6, 1956, and grew up in Apoka, Minnesota.  She graduated from Anoka High School in 1974, and attended Winona State College and graduated in 1978 with a degree in Political Science and English. she met her husband Marcus Bachmann while attending college and they married in 1978. That same year they moved to Tulsa Oklahoma where Michelle enrolled at the Bible-based Colburn school of law, an affiliate of Oral Roberts University. She earned a juris doctorate at Colburn in 1986 a post-doctorate degree from William and Mary Law school in Virginia in 1988.

From 1988 to 1993, Bachmann was a US Treasury Department attorney in St. Paul Minnesota, representing the IRS against people who underpaid or fail to pay their taxes. In 1993, she left her job to become a full-time mother and eventually took over twenty foster children under her care.

Minnesota Elected Offices:

In 1999, Bachmann ran as one of a slate of GOP candidates for the Stillwater, Minnesota school board, normally a non-partisan election. She and the other GOP-endorsed candidates did not win.

In 2000, Bachmann won election to the state Senate, unseating a fellow Republican, Gary Laidig who had been in office for 28 years. Bachman managed to obtain the GOP endorsement and beat Laidig in the primary election.

In 2002, Bachmann faced a 10-year incumbent, DFL state senator Jane Krentz, after district lines were redrawn following the 2000 census. Bachmann won the election by 9 percentage points.

Congressional Career:

Bachmann defeated Democrat Patty Wetterling 50% to 42% in the 2006 congressional elections to replace Rep. Mark Kennedy, who vacated the seat to run for the U.S. Senate.

We would kindly add this lost soul to the Hit List, but we have to dedicate several pages. Quite frankly, it would be a waste of effort because this person walks to a different tune. A tune that has never been written and never will. It is amazing why some people get elected and you wonder about those who voted for them.


Michele Bachmann official congressional site:

God sanctioned her bid to run for congressional office 10-18-2006

Below is a direct quote of  Bachmann explaining the message she received from the Almighty.

“And in the midst of that calling, God then called me to run for the United States Congress. And I thought, what in the world would that be for? And my husband said “You need to do this.” And I wasn’t so sure. And we took three days, and we fasted and we prayed. And we said “Lord, is this what you want? Is this Your will?” And after — along about the afternoon of day two — He made that calling sure. And it’s been now 22 months that I’ve been running for United States Congress. Who in their right mind would spend two years to run for a job that lasts for two years? You’d have to be absolutely a fool to do that. You are now looking at a fool for Christ. This is a fool for Christ.”

A humorous history of Bachmann

The doctorate of science, Michele Bachmann attempts to educate the Congress that carbon dioxide is not really harmful to human beings. Do you ever wonder about people of the utterly embarrassed themselves, especially when the entire nation in the United States Congress is watching, and it simply has no effect on them. Minnesota, what are you doing?

1. Michele Bachmann embarrasses herself before Congress, stating carbon dioxide is a natural non-harmful gas. 4-23-2009 Video

2. Michele Bachmann teaches Congress the science of carbon dioxide 4-24 2009 Video

On a recent testing the waters to run for the presidency, Michele Bachmann gives the people of Manchester New Hampshire a history lesson on where the first shot was fired of the Revolutionary War. On the YouTube video, when told of her mistakes, her only response is that New Hampshire should be proud too. Someone help this woman. I don’t think her district in Minnesota has anybody alive.

5-27-1011-Bachman feels a “calling” to seek the Republican nomination

1.Michele Bachmann educates the people of Manchester New Hampshire on the shot heard around the world. 3-12-2011

2.A video of the Bachmann disaster in Manchester New Hampshire 3-14-2011

3.Another video of the Manchester disaster 3-14-2011

4-2009–Was Backmann ever dealt a full deck? When the Swine flu emerged at the beginning of the Obama presidency, she alluded to the fact that the last time it occurred was also during a Democratic presidency. Actually, the last outbreak was during the presidency of Gerald Ford. below is an excerpt and a link to the March 24, 2011 Daily Beast.

Then there was that “interesting coincidence” she professed to discover during the swine flu scare at the beginning of Obama’s term–“that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter.” 4-28-2009

Bachmann rather generously insisted that she’s “not blaming this on President Obama” or the Democrats. It was just sort of you know, “interesting.” Thing is, the last outbreak had taken place not under Carter, but under Republican Gerald Ford. (To be fair to Bachmann, you need to be in about ninth grade to have gotten that far in American history.)

The Daily Beast 3-24-2011

Bachman on Abortion: Are her statistics correct? In this link, the misuse of facts and figures is displayed by Michele Bachman on the topic of abortion.

Bachman on Abortion: 3-26-2011

Bachmann a hit In Iowa: So They Say

On the trail to the 2012 presidential campaign, Bachmann is a big hit before the Iowa Teabag Party.

In Iowa March 2011 3-31-2011

Bachmann’s 2012 passion play.

Michele Bachmann hires former Mike Huckabee political director for Iowa  4-4-2011

Republican presidential debate — June 13, 2011:   When Will Michele Bachman get it right? During the Republican the Bates on Monday, June 13, Michele Bachman stated that because of the health care plan, 800,000 Americans would lose their job. According to fact check.org, her statement is factually incorrect. Because of the health care bill, 800,000 people will either quit working or work less because health insurance coverage would be more affordable. In reality, it actually will free up jobs for those currently unemployed. How can anybody vote for someone it constantly misrepresents the facts and in this case most likely had no idea what she was talking about.

Think progress .org states that the health-care bill will reduce the labor supply by 800,000 and and the jobs.

Bachman on 800,000 lost jobsThinkProgress