Harmon Brody Speaks Out

Harmon Brody is one of the most profound and outspoken political writers on Facebook today. In this thread, Mr. Brody gives you his perspective of the political climate in the United States today. Please feel free to respond whether you agree or disagree with the opinions contained herein.

Subject: Bob Schieffer :Trump Guilty of Racism-4-26-2011
Schieffer spoke what everyone with a brain surely knows. The multitude of racially motivated attacks will no longer masquerade as valid. They have truly been the race card of the last three years not those merely called it as it was. There is a state of mind by news commentato­rs that boggles the mind as educated white pundits boldly denied that race isnt an issue, They as white have no credibilit­y in recognizin­g the centuries old epiphets and innuendo and looks that betray racism. Having been married for 12 years to a magnificen­t woman who happens to be Black, and having felt those stares travelling throuh lfe with her, and suffered with her the indignitie­s that no one could know but a Black woman, I can attest to that unspoken venom that swirls in the air, She once remarked to a group in a seminar that from the time she walked into the room they had made decisions about who she was based on her race and though everyone denied it…she elucidated each and every thought that might have arrived in their minds. In a newspaper series she once wrote on racism, she likened having to live as a Black person and endure the abuses was like Little Murders.I know that President Obama could write a book composed of the serial murders that are visited upon his spirit day to day. No it isnt a race card, it is calling a racist card for what it is.