The Beatles Albums- Little Child


Little Child The Beatles


Song History and Facts:


‘Little Child’ performed by The Beatles from the album ‘With The Beatles’ (Lennon/McCartney)1963.Paul McCartney describes “Little Child” as being a “work song” or an “album filler”.He admits to taking the line “I’m so sad and lonely” from the song “Whistle My Love” by British balladeer and actor Elton Hayes.Recorded in three different sessions,the first was 11 September 1963,where the Beatles recorded two takes.They later came back to it the next day,where they recorded 16 takes,including overdubs of piano from Paul, and harmonica from John.They later returned to it on 3 October, where they recorded three more takes.  www.facebook.com/fbsiteworldofjohnlennon

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