California-Invisible-Chapters and Groups – Update -12

Contact our Facebook page to add your group or to update information. Like the page and send us photos of your activities. And be sure to create a web page. Make is easy to communicate with each other and display highlights.

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44’s Laced Boots  — We are an INDIVISIBLE rapid response team active in the 29th Congressional District. Our mission is to help Rep.Tony Cardenas, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Kamala Harris resist the Trump agenda. North Hollywood, CA 91602 

Active Empathy  A grass-roots movement here in Los Angeles, grown out of the Indivisible: A Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda.

ALERT L.A. Affinity Group —Activism following the 2016 election. Los Angeles, CA 90046

AmericanTribe — We are citizen artists and educators dedicated to resisting the Trump administration and its racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. Los Angeles, CA 90065

Angelenos for Tomorrow  —To share, to educate, to organize, and to make sure this world becomes what it deserves. #gettowork.  Los Angeles, CA 90048

Asian American & Pacific Islander Christians for Social Justice  — AAPI-CSJ: Asian American & Pacific Islander Christians for Social Justice comprise a network of AAPI Christians from the Southern California area committed to social justice. AAPI-CSJ grapples with issues pertaining to faith, politics, and social justice, and seeks to put their faith into action.  Los Angeles, CA 90041

Band Of Sisters – Los Angeles  — This is a Facebook group for all like-minded sisters. The purpose is to provide a hub of information from organizing to boycotting. The mission is to remain engaged and activated. This is a platform to share calendared and organized events, engage in local politics and support grassroots activism.  Los Angeles, CA 90019

Be The Change International  — BTC International believes compassion, empathy, peace, love, unity, & respect are the only ways to effectively respond to, heal, and resolve poverty and violence.  Our organization remains dedicated to following the tenets of direct nonviolent action with our advocacy.  Los Angeles, CA 90066

Bitter Existentialists’ Micro-Pac & Sunday Night Civics Club  — Join us for our monthly Donor Dinners! Bitter Existentialists: A micro-Pac and social club designed to help staunch the bleeding of the 2016 election, stabilize the patient and stick it to the RNC. Open your own local chapter. Glendale, CA 91205

 Bros4America (forever Bros4Hillary)  — Bros4America (“B4A”), formerly Bros4Hillary, is a political advocacy organization fighting to advance the progressive platform and honor the historic legacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Our mission is to build support for progressive and inclusive policies and candidates up-and-down ticket that meet the “HRC Standard,

Burbank Indivisible Against Hate  —  Burbank, CA 91506

CABLUEY!  —  A virtual salon of women passionate about exposing and dismantling racism, economic inequality and sexism. About protecting religious, minority and LGBT rights and saving our planet. All this through constructive discussion, personally sharing avenues of change, and creating events.  Los Angeles, CA 90068

C U NEXT TUESDAY  —C U NEXT TUESDAY is a bi- weekly feminist resistance meeting. Every other week we gather to ideate, plot, and take action. We are a cunt friendly space, a women-friendly space, an other-friendly space, a gay-friendly space, an immigrant-friendly space, a refugee-friendly space–Los Angeles, CA 90019


California 45th  — California 45th is a nonpartisan constituent group based in the California 45th Congressional District. We promote reason and respect in local politics.

California Democratic Council – California Democratic Council (CDC) ensures every California Democrat is served by a visible, organized, broadly-based geographic Democratic club that reaches out year-round to its community; recruits quality Democratic candidates for every appointed and elected position in its purview

California Vegans Against Trump  —  A Vegan outreach and organization group in California to stand against trump.  Los Angeles, CA 90027

Central Valley Progressive PAC  — The purpose of the CVPPAC organization is to promote the human and civil rights of all Central Valley residents. This is to be accomplished through education and action. The CVPPAC will advocate and/or lobby elected officials relative to the concerns/core values of Central Valley residents.

Comedy For The Resistance  — Daily Humor and Live Comedy Shows updates in your local area to boost the moral of those fighting the good fight of the Resistance! Official fundraising for the ACLU!   Los Angeles, CA 90046

 The Committee  — The Committee follows established revolutionary codes of conduct while addressing contradictions in the ranks of the African community in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles, CA 90048
East Area Progressive Democrats  — We are a thriving local, community?based Democratic club serving the greater Eastside of Los Angeles & adjoining neighborhoods, open to all area Democrats.   Los Angeles, CA 90042

El Dorado Progressives – MISSION: El Dorado Progressives is a place for progressive people in El Dorado County, California to gather and promote local events, action and candidates. 

Families In Action   — Santa Monica, CA 90405

Fired Up LA — Through our efforts we can make a true difference, and find personal inspiration, during this troubled time and make sure the long-term success of our country does not fall victim to the short-term disaster that is Trump.

Foothills Progressive Alliance (Our Revolution) – Our goal is to mobilize Progressives in the Sierra Foothills above Sacramento and to link efforts between Progressives in the foothills to Progressives in the Sacramento area. We are a sister organization of the Sacramento Progressive Alliance, the largest group of Progressive activists in the Central Valley with more than 6,000 members.

Fresno Indivisible  — We are one of the many local groups organizing to coordinate progressive voices. Come here to find calls to coordinated action!
Twitter: @FresIndivisible

Fresno Progressives — Fresno Progressives began in September, 2015, as FP4Bernie Sanders (FP = Fresno Progressives). FP4Bernie Sanders was one of the earliest and easily, the most active in terms of volunteers and Bernie events in and around the Fresno area.

GenZ indivisible  — Los Angeles, CA 90077

Get Up, Stand Up  —Sounds ridiculously audacious, but to help determine the Democratic Presidential Nominee in four years. Hey, we’ve got four years to work withLos Angeles, CA 90019—team.johnson@me.com

Glendale Indivisible Against Injustice  — Glendale, CA 91206

Hear Our Voice Los Angeles   — We are a group seeking to learn, discuss, and –

Indivisible Alta-Pasadena  —  To those wishing to join this group: Our focus is on local political happening in Pasadena and Altadena so be sure to tell us where you live since info seldom appears on FB pages for privacy reasons. If you don’t live nearby you may want to check out
https://www.indivisibleguide.com/groups-nav to see if there is a group near you. Pasadena, CA 91104

Indivisible: Arroyo Seco Chapter  — We are a local chapter of the Indivisible Movement located in Pasadena/Altadena, CA and our activism and resistance to the Trump administration closely follows and adheres to the principles and direction of Moveon.org and the Indivisible Guide. Pasadena, CA 91104

Indivisible 30/Keep Sherman Accountable  —  This group is dedicated to ensuring the elected leaders in the 30th district in California fight for us. Here are important links!

Indivisible And Unapologetic  — Stop Trump’s agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt. Focus: Local, defensive congressional advocacy.  Los Angeles, CA 90043—

Indivisible California San Diego North District 49  — Indivisible San Diego North 49 is a grassroots political group organized for the purpose of resisting the Trump Administration’s dismantling of our civil liberties, social protections, and democratic institutions. We are a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to local organizing and action with the goal of defeating or delaying any policy that harms our society or our citizens.

Invisible of California — Resist Trump’s agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt, and it must be stopped. Focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy.
We demand that our own local Members of Congress serve as our voice in Washington, DC

Indivisible CA-25 Simi Valley Porter Ranch  — Indivisible Group for Simi Valley and Porter Ranch. A group working in opposition to the Trump agenda of hate.

IndivisibleCA28 — We are the vibrant and diverse constituents of CA’s

IndivisibleCA29  — I wanted to create a group to specifically work on issues here in District 29 aka Tony Cardenas district. https://www.indivisibleguide.com/ I am following the “indivisible guide” which i have uploaded on this page and linked in this post.

 IndivisibleCA30-Sherman Action G  — I formed this group to help connect with and motivate my Congressman Brad Sherman. He was just reelected and has been in Congress for many years. He has not been aggressive on issues of rights, Obamacare, etc. which I guess was ok in the past. As we all know, we live in different times now. As many of you did, I looked to see what I could do to make a difference in these turbulent times. Inspired by Indivisible.  Burbank, CA 91505- Webpage: www.indivisibleca30.com–Twitter:@indivisibleca30.
Indivisible CA-33    — Using the @Indivisible Guide to organize people in CA’s congressional district 33 to resist the Trump agenda. Msg to be added to the “secret” group.  Santa Monica, CA 90405
Indivisible CA-37  — Indivisible CA-37 is a rad group devoted to resisting the Trump agenda with a laser-like focus on holding CA-37 and our US Senators accountable!  Los Angeles, CA 90034
Indivisible CA-37 Welcome   — Please send a message with your email address to join our private Indivisible group for CA Congressional District 37 (Karen Bass)

Indivisible CD8 Yucaipa Area  — California Congressional District 8 direct action resistance group specific to the Yucaipa Area (Yucaipa, Mentone, Highland, Oak Glen, Forest Falls). An umbrella group for anyone committed to resisting Trump’s agenda.

Indivisible California Congressional District 27 (Claremont Group) – The goal of Indivisible Congressional District 27 is to use the tactics outlined in The Indivisible Guide to resist and constrain the effects of the Trump administration,

Invisible of California-Congressional District-31   — We need Pete Aguilar to show some spine in DC. If Pete is to represent us, he needs to speak out forcefully against Trump. We will applaud him if he does, and replace him if he does not.

Indivisible of Central California and Other Friends — The mission of Indivisible of Central California is to build a community of like minded souls to organize, strategize and come together in the face of our common adversaries, who would gladly see our progress as a nation revert back to uglier, more dangerous times…..

Indivisible California San Diego North District 49 – Indivisible San Diego North 49 is a grassroots political group organized for the purpose of resisting the Trump Administration’s dismantling of our civil liberties, social protections, and democratic institutions.

Indivisible Claremont (CA-27)  — * Acceptance: This group is closed and requires permission so that members are not harassed in any way. It will remain that way. Please do not invite anyone to the group that you believe may hold radically different opinions than your own. This group needs to remain safe for all it’s members. Try to keep the group members local

 Indivisible Citizens of California’s 4th Congressional District  —  OUR MISSION is to resist the nationalistic and regressive policies of the Trump administration, and to heal the fractures that have divided our country so that we may return to the promise of one united nation, with liberty and justice for all.

Indivisible Coarsegold Area   Indivisible Coarsegold Area is an inclusive non-partisan group of local citizens committed to the preservation of civil liberties, human rights, the environment, and the values–

INDIVISIBLE D39 — Our mission is to engage, educate, and organize a diverse, community of California District 39 constituents to defend our values, our neighbors, and ourselves from discriminatory, authoritarian, and unconstitutional actions taken by the Federal government of the United States. Part of our culture of diversity is our belief that we don’t all have to agree with each other on every issue to be a powerful team.

We welcome all levels of expertise and strive to maintain a supportive environment for anyone who wishes to learn, engage, and build a stronger community.

 Indivisible #DemEnter Davis California — Hey ya’ll! This is a group for Indivisible Davis, where we’ll be discussing and organizing so that our voices are heard by our representatives.
Please feel free to invite folks who are interested in sending a message to our elected officials that to keep their jobs, they must represent us, and that they should do so by standing up to and fighting back against the hateful rhetoric and legislation of the GOP.

Indivisible Eagle Rock  — Indivisible Eagle Rock is an independent community group that ACTIVELY advocates for progressive values under attack by Donald Trump and his administration.  Los Angeles, CA 90041

Indivisible East Bay, CA  — A group to increase our collective engagement with our Members of Congress (MoC), and to support local efforts across the country. Inspired by and using the tactics

Indivisible Highland Park  — A group in North East Los Angeles dedicated to resisting racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and the right wing Republican conservative agenda. You can join if you live in the CA 34th District (East LA-ish) and are interested in stopping the Trump agenda. Los Angeles, CA 90042  

Indivisible Hollywood  — Indivisible Hollywood is a Los Angeles based progressive activist group that seeks to execute the Indivisible model of locally focused, defensive action to force Congress to listen! We also agree with Indivisible’s two guiding principals:

1. Donald Trump’s agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped. -Los Angeles, CA 90028

 Indivisible Manteca  —This is the public page for the CA District 10 grassroots resistance. We call, write, and organize to hold our Representatives accountable. Twitter: https://twitter.com/IndivisibleCA10  —  Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/indivisible_manteca10/

Indivisible – Media City — We are activists who’ve joined together to oppose the agenda of a regime unrepresentative of democratic and American values. We are united indivisibly. Burbank, CA 91506

Indivisible Mono City/Lee Vining  —  Mono Basin group for resisting the Trump agenda via concrete action. Please note: we expect civil discourse only; any nasty/snarky/personal attacks will be deleted, a warning will be issued, and if uncivil participation continues, that person will be removed from the group.

Indivisible Morongo Basin  — Resist Trump’s agenda. His agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt, and must be stopped. Focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy and action

Indivisible NELA  — A chapter of the grassroots movement based on the principles outlined in the Indivisible Guide, which opposes the agenda of the Trump White House. Read the Indivisible Guide and get involved now! https://www.indivisibleguide.com/    CA 90065
Indivisible Rome  — Indivisible Rome is the Rome, Italy chapter of the Indivisible Movement created to organize people locally and resist Trump’s agenda.

Indivisible Sacramento Valley (California)  — Hey ya’ll! This is a group for Indivisible Sacramento Valley, where we’ll be discussing and organizing so that our voices are heard by our representatives.

Indivisible San Benito  — Resist Trump’s agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt, and it must be stopped. We will work at the local level.

Indivisible San Bernardino Mountains  —  We are ordinary Americans, shocked and galvanized by what is happening in our government.  We are located in the San Bernardino, California mountain communities in and around Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, and Running Springs. Mission Statement     Facebook Page


Indivisible Sierra Nevada – Indivisible Sierra Nevada is a public group created to focus on local, defensive congressional and federal government advocacy; resist Trump’s agenda of racism, authoritarianism, and corruption; and embrace progressive values of inclusion

Indivisible SoCal — INDIVISIBLE for Southern Californians Inspired by
 Indivisible ~ South Lake County, California  — Indivisible ~ South Lake County is dedicated to stopping the Trump agenda. This is for anyone who agrees with these three principles:

1. Resist Trump’s agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt, and it must be stopped. —


Indivisible South Pasadena — A Grassroots Indivisible Group. South Pasadena, CA 91030

Indivisible Students of Southern California — We are a student-based organization solely dedicated to holding our Members of Congress accountable for resisting Trump’s dangerously regressive agenda.

Indivisible Suffragette Sisters — Indivisible Suffragette Sisters and Brothers are feminists who believe that “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights”. Los Angeles, CA 
Indivisible Ventura  —  We are Venturans, banding together to resist Trump’s agenda. Our group joins others all around the country to take back our country to take back our country from those motivated by hatred, greed and power, and make us truly an America for all.
Indivisible Victor Valley  — Standing indivisible against Trump and his agenda in Ca 8th Congressional District
Join our group

Kern County Indivisible  — Bakersfield, California · Politics · Protests against Donald Trump

 Kings County Jimmy Carter Democratic Club — The Jimmy Carter Club is a local grassroots Democratic Club. We meet monthly to socialize and plan activist activities that promote Democratic values

LAForward  —  We’re a group of young leaders who love and believe in Los Angeles. We love the new city that’s emerging, of CicLAvia, of mass transit, bike lanes, and pedestrian plazas. We love the LA of food trucks and farmers’ markets, guerilla gardening and the return of nature to LA River and aggressive efforts to fight climate change.  Los Angeles, CA 90025

LA Freedom Fighters — The LA freedom fighters are engaged in a movement working towards change on the local, state and national level. We are a diverse group of activists that promote social, political, economic, and environmental change with the desire to make improvements in our society.

The LA Resistance  — Going to a march and need a buddy? Do you know of a fundraising opportunity you’d like to share? This is a private group to be used as a resource for all of us to stay active and stay involved. Because of all the protests and volunteer opportunities scattered over Facebook–Studio City, CA 91604

Los Angeles Indivisible  — Before anything, start here: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/
This is the Indivisible Guide, an instruction manual, guidebook and roadmap for the next 2-4 years.  LA- 90036

Los Angeles Indivisible Against Trump  — NOTE FROM THE INDIVISIBLE TEAM
Since this guide went live as a Google Doc, we’ve received an overwhelming flood of messages from people all over the country working to resist the Trump agenda. We’re thrilled and humbled by the
energy and passion of this growing movement. LA-90036

 Merced Collective Action Network –We defend progressive values in policymaking at the local,
state, and federal levels.

THE MUFFRAGETTES  — We are a group of women advocating for the rights of all.

Nevertheless, We Persisted. – Los Angeles  — We are a group of likeminded individuals striving to achieve a better world on January 20th, 2021 using non violent resistance.  Through community outreach, compassion, support and resilience we are committed to resist this administration’s hate-filled agenda and instead promote love and acceptance of those around us.   Los Angeles, CA 90041

Night People —Night People was founded by a group of politically active artists who want to promote art, activism and community.  Los Angeles, CA 90065

Not a Tea Party — Culver City, CA 90230

Not On My Watch, Solutions   — Marnia Del Rey- CA 90292

Operation Checks and Balances  — We are a group of concerned citizens who stand opposed to racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, tyranny, and oppression of all kinds.  Studio City, CA 91604
Organizing For Action Westside Los Angeles, California  — Home of Organizing for Action’s Westside Los Angeles grassroots chapter. We are an issues-oriented, nonpartisan group dedicated to fighting for the improvements Americans voted for. Help us move this great country forward. Los Angeles, CA 90064 
PEACH SNAPPLE  — Los Angeles, CA 90038-  wynterm_la@actiongroups.net

ProActive Los Angeles  — Dedicated to progressive action. See our website at

Progressive Action for Glendale —We are a group of progressives in the Glendale area who have been fired up by the 2016 election and are ready to make change on a local level. We want to continue organizing to elect progressive politicians at all levels of government who pledge to get money out of politics, fight climate change, and are responsive to the needs of working people.   Glendale, CA 91204

Progressive Mariposa  —  We are a grassroots group who came together in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election TO ACT. #THERESISTANCE #INDVISIBLE

Progressive Parent Playdates   —Calling all Progressive Parents… Let’s get our kids together, drink coffee and talk about matters that really concern us and what we can do about it. Make like-minded friends, watch your kids play, and participate in calls to action.

Rebel Action Network — The Rebel Action Network is national grass-root social justice activist movement. Real people, meeting in real life, who take real actions…together. Los Angeles, CA 90046
Resistance LA —  This is an inclusive, progressive, feminist, and political group in LA that wants to organize peaceful actions against the political and social injustices that are happening in the US right now.  Culver City, CA 90230
Resistance US – The Trump presidency must face active resistance from day one. Resistance US exists to coordinate acts of resistance.
Rise & Resist: California District 31  — Using the power of a socially-conscious community Rise and Resist will use grass roots tactics to make for effective positive change. 

SEIU Local 1000 — We are California’s largest state employee union. The purpose of Local 1000 is to have the power necessary to give our members–and all Californians–the opportunity to have a good life, live in sustainable communities and enjoy the fruits of social and economic justice

The Society  —indivisible • resilient • common good • safe haven • committed • love • sustainable • together • protectors • peaceful • ethical • united • embracing • human • common ground • strength • continuity

Solidarity Sundays Los Angeles  — This is a place to discuss local events/rallies/political goings-on, as well as a central place to find SolSundays events in the Los Angeles area.

Southeast Los Angeles Democrats  — The Club works within the Democratic Party, and federal, state and municipal electoral and governmental processes to promote the ideals of the Democratic Party and to ensure that both government and the party addresses the concerns of the residents, working people, students and businesses of the Southeast Los Angeles area.

South SLO County Indivisible — This is a group following the “Indivisible” guide, not affiliated with any particular political group-it is issues oriented. Anyone concerned with current issues is invited to attend join!

Stanislaus County African American Democratic Club — Formed to influence the policies and outcomes that directly affect African Americans and their communities.

Teachers Against Trump  —  I know a lot of people don’t like talking politics online. I don‘t always want to get into those things either. I created this page so that educators can express concerns and communicate with each other about topics that are relevant with this coming election, like, say, racism and violence on school campuses. Let’s be vocal.

Together We Will, Fresno & Central Valley, CA – This private group is a Fresno affiliate of Together We Will USA, a network of people working for social justice at the local, state, and national levels.

Tuolumne County Indivisible —– We are a group of concerned citizens who value inclusion, respect and fairness. Our goal is to stand against the corruption, authoritarianism

  United Democratic Headquarters  —  The United Democratic Headquarters is a coalition of eight local Democratic clubs. Visit: http://pasadenademocrats.com to get involved.                                                               Website-United Democratic Headquarters  —    Glendale, CA 91206

Unite For Decency — We have arrived at an imperative moment in US history. By popular vote, the American people have voted to elect Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. The standards of the Electoral College system have lifted Donald Trump to the position of President-Elect. Electors however have the opportunity to vote for any qualifying person for the office of president.  Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Valley Progressives — Valley Progressives is a coalition of organizers and activists throughout the San Joaquin Valley, from Sacramento to Bakersfield, who are dedicated to working to recruit and elect Progressives to all office levels throughout the Valley.

Wait And See Is Not For Me — We are Southern California group with the purpose of bringing about positive change through action, organization, information and support. This not a forum for political debate. We want to turn anger into action, not argument.  South Pasadena, CA 91030

West LA Democratic Club  —  Welcome to the WLADC FaceBook page. LA-Ca – 90066

Westside Coalition for a free America  — 

Westside Resistance — Los Angeles, CA 90066

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