Florida-Indivisible-Chapters and Groups Update 3-26-2017

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There are 59 active “Indivisible” groups in Florida 

#INDIVISIBLE CD-16 FL   —  This is a group for constituents of Congressman Vern Buchanan. We are Organized Local Congressional Advocacy to #resist the Trump agenda. We apply the concepts set out in the guideline #Indivisible. Not party affiliated.

 Action Together SunCoast formerly Pantsuit Nation Southwest   — Florida   – Are you looking to join a secret Pantsuit Nation Group? Message us to inquire. Please see disclaimer on our About page. Website

Action Together Tampa Bay   — This is the Tampa Bay chapter of Action Together, a chapter of Action Together Florida and Action Together Network Global. We are the largest Indivisible group in the Tampa Bay area.  WEBSITE

Action Together Treasure Coast  — This political organization is open to Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River & Okeechobee residents on Treasure Coast of Florida.

American Civil Liberties Union of Florida   —  Welcome to the Volusia/Flagler Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida. We invite you to become involved in actively protecting civil liberties in Volusia and Flagler Counties, the State of Florida and our Nation.  Enterprise

Blue Dot Project  — The Blue Dot Project is inspired by the self-styled “blue dots” all over the United States – people who believe in upholding and furthering civil rights, defending freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and standing up to divisiveness and hate.

Brevard Action Alliance  — Our purpose is to mobilize citizens of Brevard for collective action. We intend to stand up against threats to justice, fairness, equality, and the environment.

Brevard NOW – National Organization For Women   — Brevard Chapter of The National Organization For Women.


Broward For Progress  — Welcome to all Independents, Democrats and Republicans who believe Donald Trumps agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped.

Central FL Grassroots Progressive Resource Center  — A group of independent-thinking progressives, inspired by the call to action espoused in the Indivisible guide published after the 2016 elections. We are determined to resist any unlawful actions being taken by the new administration to undermine hard-fought advances in civil rights and environmental justice.

 Challenge Politics  — Challenge Politics provides information, opinion, facts and events to inspire thought,discussion and activism.
The Democratic Club of Bonita Springs and South Lee County   —  Established in 1970 with the purpose of fostering and strengthening the ideals of the Democratic Party, encouraging active interest in political and governmental affairs, supporting the candidacy of nominees of the Democratic Party in local, state, and national elections, and maintaining active relationships with county, state, and national Democratic organizations.
Democrats Fighting for What is Right   — We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war! Democrats will continue to fight for what is right!

Democracy for America Miami-Dade   — Democracy for America Miami-Dade is a collective of grassroots activists that supports progressive candidates, causes and clubs. DFAM unites progressives–

 Democratic Progressive Club of Lee County  —  Our mission is: To advance progressive candidates. To promote progressive legislation.To provide outreach to the progressive community on issues.
Democrats at Shell Point   — We at Shell Point who share the values of the Democratic party.
Eileen Fleming — This site was established for Eileen’s run for US HOUSE in 2012.
Fired Up Pinellas  —  No information
 The Four Year Project  — Our mission is to help our country and our community through education and activism. The plan is to choose a different theme every month–an area we think might be negatively affected over the next four years.
 Impeach Donald Trump Now! —The Original and Largest Impeach Donald Trump Now Group. A place to post information, news, stories, memes, and to voice your opposition.
 Indivisible Bradenton Pro-gressive  —We are a group of positive action and creating a stand for the honor of ALL people. We are a resource for training, like minded leaders and action!!!
INDIVISIBLE CENTRAL FLORIDA  — A local strategy targeting individual Members of Congress. A defensive approach purely focused on stopping Trump from implementing anagenda built on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption. Kissimmee

Indivisible Dade & Broward United  —  No Information

Indivisible Daytona  — Daytona Area Indivisible group aiming to resist Trump’s Agenda.
INDIVISIBLE DELAND   —  A nonpartisan group of neighbors committed to identifying local needs and concerns and communicating them to our representatives.

Indivisible East Hillsborough  — No information

Indivisible FL  — The regional (district 20) and statewide base/community for constituents to mobilize as a multi-partisan/faith resistance.

The Indivisible Florida 26ers   — This is the Indivisible group for Florida’s 26th Congressional district which includes Monroe County and western Miami-Dade County. Any member of this group can add any other resident of this district.

IndivisibleMartin   — IndivisibleMartin will focus on actions based on: “Indivisible Against Trump: A practical guide to fighting back.” We will be sharing information and alerts focusing on legislators serving Martin County on local, state, and federal levels. Five Star Group

Indivisible: Marion County, Florida  — We are the change we seek.” President Barack Obama

Indivisible Miami-Dade and Broward  — INDIVISIBLE MIAMI-DADE AND BROWARD
While the Indivisible movement shares the common purpose of protecting and advancing progressive policies, each group is unique in that each reflects the collective spirit of its members.

Indivisible Nassau County FL  — We are group located in Nassau County, FL dedicated to making our members of Congress aware of their constituent’s opposition to Trump’s agenda. We are looking to be an inclusive and diverse group.

INDIVISIBLE (Pasco &Surrounding Areas)   —  Indivisible is a national movement comprised of local groups of peaceful citizens looking for a safe place to have respectful, constructive communication about political concerns.

Indivisible Polk  — This group has been formed as a means of organizing to resist the racism, bigotry, and misogyny of the Trump agenda using Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.
Indivisible of Saint Lucie County   — We are a grassroots group of concerned community activists, standing INDIVISIBLE to resist extremism, and to promote responsibility and ethics in government.

Indivisible Sebring  — We are pledged to pursue the values of the Democratic Party through our programs and through advocating for candidates that have been endorsed by the Democratic Party.

Indivisible Space Coast  —  This is an attempt to get an “indivisible” group started on the Space Coast of Florida.

Indivisible South Florida — WELCOME!!! We’d like to welcome all our new folks to this Indivisible South Florida group page! LOTS of great information for you and here are a few requests and rules:

Indivisible South Tampa  — Welcome to Indivisible South Tampa! We are taking action to pressure congress into protecting democracy and equality for immigrants and all Americans.

Indivisible Tampa   —Citizens of Tampa united to oppose the dangerous and divisive agenda of Donald Trump through local action.

Key West In Solidarity   —  We, One Human Family, join together and mobilize in political and social action, embracing our united power over all forms of hate, individual or systemic.

Lakeland Indivisible  — Donald Trump’s agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped. Website

Organize Now   —  Public Services & Government in Tampa, Florida.

Orlando Indivisible Donald Trump’s agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped. In order to work together to achieve this goal, we must model the values of inclusion, respect, and fairness

 Osceola County Mockingjays  District-9 –In 2008, Suzanne Collins wowed the world with her Hunger Games trilogy. In particular, the Mockingjay became a symbol of freedom and justice to all those who became involved in the world of Panem. Now we have hit a point where we really do need to fight for freedom and justice.

Palm Beach Indivisibles  — We represent the “radical center”, where the rights and values of all Americans need defense and protection. United we stand. Contact us here or at PalmBeachIndivisibles@helical.com.

Peace River Indivisible   — A local strategy targeting individual Members of Congress (MoCs). A defensive approach purely focused on stopping Trump’s agenda.
Pinellas for Progress  —  Starting a group for like minded people in Pinellas County, Florida who can help to fight for a more progressive agenda, locally & in DC!

Pompano Beach:  Indivisible Florida 22- 22ed Congressional District—-We are a group of people with a diverse backgrounds and political ideologies seeking to engage in respectful dialogue on issues affecting in Congressional District 22, Florida and our nation.

Progressive Sarasota  — The political revolution continues in Sarasota! OUR growing movement for change is united by an underlying theme of truth and justice.

Rise Up Florida!  —  Rise Up Florida! is a grassroots group of engaged citizens whose goals are: to empower, mobilize and protect our community. We intend to scrutinize and strongly challenge any policy and legislative proposals that shift the balance away from our core values of equal rights and opportunity for all

South Florida Chapter of Indivisible — There are many indivisible/resistance groups in South Florida. The reason this group was formed is with an intent of exemplary unity and effectiveness. To the point of unity, it is encouraged that nothing opinion based is posted here, only information that pertains to combatting some part of the Trump administration’s agenda.

South Shore Indivisible  — Sun City Center

Space Coast Progressive Alliance  — The first Thursday of every month, join us in the Front Street Civic Center for our monthly Social+Program.

Speak Out Brevard – Info  — The official administration page of the Speak Out! Brevard group. Are you looking to join our secret (hidden) group? Message us for the requirements.

Speak Up Wekiva, Inc.  —  A volunteer opportunity to apply latches to trash cans in financially stressed neighborhoods experiencing bear activity. Apopka

St. Petersburg Indivisible Against Hate  — Resisting the Trump Agenda. We must stand indivisibly opposed to Trump, his agenda, and the members of Congress (MoCs) who would do his bidding.

Suncoast Political Action Alliance   — We are a growing, passionate organization of citizen activists fighting hard for working families and the rights of all Americans.

Surly Feminists for the Revolution: Tampa Bay Chapter —The Surly Feminists are a force for positivity, inclusiveness and progress. We are doing socially significant acts to combat misogyny and prejudice. We are a sanctuary from negativity. We meet online and in person. All genders and gender identifications are welcome, so long as you are somewhat surly and feminist.

SWFL Indivisible  — Empowering grassroots activists to weaken congressional Republican resolve and embolden Democratic opposition through informed local action. To resist Trump’s agenda by empowering grassroots activists to weaken congressional Republican resolve and embolden Democratic opposition through informed local action
 Tru-Gov   — Digging through the clutter to find the unbiased, non-partisan truth as it pertains to the governance of the United States of America.

The Villages Democratic Club (FL) Group   —Join your fellow Villagers in support of the Democratic Party.

We Are Indivisible, Sarasota, Florida  — We want to do our part to beat back the Trump agenda and understand that will require more than calls and petitions.

We STAND INDIVISIBLE – St. Petersburg  —  

Women’s March Florida Chapter, Pinellas County  —  Women’s March on Washington, Pinellas County, is part of the Florida Chapter of the national organization, Women’s March on Washington.  The mission of this group is to send a bold message to our new government and to the world that women’s rights are human rights.

Last Updated: 2-7-2017