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Most Democrats would never vote for a pathological liar, but for Republicans it’s become commonplace. They have no conscience. After all, they’re making every effort to suppress people from voting. They’re un-American and for that very reason alone, I could never cast my ballot for that party again. Be a champion of the American spirit and send the Republican Party of message.




                         Lies                                            Lies                                           Lies

Flip Flop Central- Veidos

This is one of the best Romney flip-flop videos. If you think he has character after watching this then you need to take some medication.



Apr 21, 2012

About Romney:

The Christian Science Monitor– How much do you know about Mitt Romney? A quiz.

nytimes- 8-27-2012- The Real Romney

Bain Capital:

2001 Massachusetts official document2001 document listing Romney as Bain Capital’s president)

Reuters-16-2012: Special report: Romney’s steel skeleton in the Bain closet

The Daily Beast- 7-13-2012- “Romney’s Got Nothing”- Romney demanded an apology from President Obama for making what he called “reckless” and “absurd” allegations about his record while repeating his insistence that he left Bain Capital in 1999 to run the Olympics.

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Up with Chris Hayes Msnbc-7-15-2012-Former Bain Capital partner says Romney was ‘legally’ CEO of Bain Capital until 2002

Bloomberg.com– 7-20-2012- Romney as Job Creator Clashes with Bain Record of Job Cuts

US News.com– 7-25-2012- Mitt Romney’s Certainties: Bain and Taxes –  As he fumbles on Bain and taxes, Romney is in danger of letting Team Obama define him for voters

The Real Romney Record- No date:  GST Steel: a “Profitable Failure” where “Every promise they made was broken.” GST Steel

Birther Issues:

Alternet- 8-24-2012– Dogwhistle or Primal Scream? Romney’s Racist Birther Comment

cbsnews– 8-24-2012- Romney birth certificate remark sets off firestorm


The Fact Checker-4-23– Romney claims on small business are determined to be untrue. Washington Post

Campaign Status:

CNN Politics-8-10-11- Is Romney’s campaign stalled?


cbsnews– 8-26-2012- Charlie Crist backs President Obama

Fact Checking:

ABC News– 8-7-2012- Welfare-Fact checking the Obama administrations position on welfare reform.To hear Mitt Romney tell it, President Obama wants to let lazy welfare recipients sit around collecting checks, with no strings attached. Another lie.

The Fact Checker-8-8- 2012- Welfare- Fact checking the Obama administrations position on welfare reform. Spin and counterspin in the welfare debate


Foreign Affairs:

ABC News Video-7-26-2012- British Prime Minister Jibes at Mitt Romney Over Olympic Remark

ABC News Video-7-26-2012 London Mayor Blasts Mitt Romney Over Olympic Comment

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ABC News Video– 7-31 2012-Mitt Romney Spokesman: ‘Kiss My ***’


Forbes- 7-30-2012 Whiplash-Mitt Romney Lavishes Praise On Israel’s Socialist, Government Controlled HealthcareSystem

General Feeds

From CNN Politico

Income Taxes:- see personal income taxes

Job creation- Employment:

CNN Money-10-1-2002- A brief history and background of Staples.


National Review-9-8-2011

New York Times-12-18-2011

Time Magazine-12-22-211- Mark Halperin interviews Romney on Bain Capital

ABC News-12-28-2011-Fired factory worker, Randy Johnson, tells his story about Bain Capital closing his plant. Viedo

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PolitiFact-4-6-2012-Romney campaign says women were hit hard by job loses under Obama- This assertion was determined to be mostly false. It further notes that many of the jobs lost for women were in the public sector in states controlled by republicans.

firstread-msnbc-4-11-2012-FACT CHECK: Romney’s women job loss claims paints incomplete picture-

Market Watch-4-23-2012-Q&A with Romney economics adviser Hubbard.

thehill.com– 7-16-2012-Opinion: Republicans jab Obama on jobs, but have no plan of their own

Mitt Romney Job Creation-Personal site, dedicated to providing information about Romney, ability to create jobs.

Lies-and Deception:

The Last Refuge 2-4-1012- Opinion Blog

PolitiFact-see PolitiFact-4-6-2012- job creation-

firstread-msnbc-see Job creation- firstread-4-11-2011-Romney tilts the facts again

New York Times-4-22-2012- Paul Krugman, examines Romney blaming Obama for a drywall plant closing that actually closed under George Bush. He refers to Romney as the amnesia candidate.


The Fact Checker-4-23-2012-Romney claims on small business are determined to be untrue. Washington Post

The Huffington Post-5-15-2012-“Mitt Romney debt speech ignores key facts.” What else is new?

The Fact Checker– 5-18-2012- “Mitt Romney’s claim that 100,000 auto jobs have been lost under Obama. This statement rated four Pinocchios as a total fabrication.


Huff Post Politics– 8-15-2012- Soledad O’Brien Fires Back At John Sununu Over Medicare (VIDEO)

Politifact.com– 8-15-2012- President Obama Says Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan “want to turn Medicare into a voucher system.”

Paul Ryan:

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Analysis: A bold but risky choice for running mate – wp.me/p4HKM-12Yb
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Personal Income Taxes

Politicususa-7-16-2012-Mittens Impossible: Romney Bombs on Fox News

The Wall Street Journal– 7-16-2012-Romney Rejects Calls on Tax Returns

The New Yorker-7-16-2012-Why Won’t Romney Release More Tax Returns?

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Politicususa- 8-15-2012- Angry Ann Romney Announces They Shouldn’t Be Questioned About Finances

gawker.com–  8-23-2012- The Bain Files: Inside Mitt Romney’s Tax-Dodging Cayman Schemes

bloomberg.com– 8-27-2012- Romney Tax Returns Show Strategy for Moving Money to Kids

Vice President Selection– See Paul Ryan:


ABC News– 8-7-2012- Welfare-Fact checking the Obama administrations position on welfare reform.To hear Mitt Romney tell it, President Obama wants to let lazy welfare recipients sit around collecting checks, with no strings attached. Another lie.

The Fact Checker-8-8- 2012- Welfare- Fact checking the Obama administrations position on welfare reform. Spin and counterspin in the welfare debate- Rated four Pinocchios



Romney Facts and History- Abortion

Romney Facts and History- Abortion

Mar 23, 2012


Yes, the title of this post is a slight play on words as the term fact and Romney should never appear together in any discussion. We attempt in this discussion to display a host of facts and information regarding Romney’s road to the 2012 presidential election and his past political history. As the discussion is updated, we will list the subject category at the top of the page and the date.


Abortion: -2-23-2012

The Romney flip-flops on abortion have become legendary. In this video, William Saletan traces the history of Romney’s philosophy on abortion. He points out that the change in philosophy is not the most disturbing factor but instead the numerous variations describing the change which are often contradictory and untrue. The Conversion

Is anything about Mitt Romney real?

Is anything about Mitt Romney real?

Feb 16, 2012

Mitt Romney has produced a campaign ad whose main message is to prove that he is Michigan’s native son. He is seen driving a car through the Michigan country and states, “I grew up in Michigan,” and he continues,”I remember going to the Detroit auto show with my dad.” The ad quickly shifts to a picture of Romney and his father looking down on what is intended to be the Detroit auto show. There is only one problem with the picture. He and his father are standing above and looking down at the1964 world’s fair in New York. Oh, and did we mention the car Romney is driving in the ad is made in Canada, not the United States. I know Democrats have absolutely no respect for Romney and most independents have also turned away. These people understand that he is a phony, a liar and cannot be trusted to hold the highest office on earth. As for the Republicans, they are signed sealed and delivered robots who would vote against their own convictions and moral standings. And let’s not forget, some of them are simply racist.

Romney Drives



The Romney Ruse

The Romney Ruse

Jan 31, 2012

Update- 2-3-2012



Who and what is Mitt Romney? According to literature on the internet, political pundits on radio and TV, the answer to the question is rarely consistent. It is common knowledge that Romney routinely alters has political positions based on the climate of the electorate at any given point in time. If one does a search on any of the search phrases below, what appears is hundreds of sources, noting Romney’s changing positions. Most of the sources are non partisan.

1.Romney flip flops

2.Romney changing political positions

3.Romney alters political positions

So how does one interpret his personality and character based upon the continual altering of political positions?

Further, during the 2012 Republican primary campaign every one of Romney’s opponents has accused him of lying. While all major political candidates may misquote or forget the facts periodically, does Romney, win the gold for intentional deception?  From my research, I believe Romney creates a ruse when necessary for political gain.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a “Ruse” as: “a wily subterfuge” and uses the following descriptive sentence.

“His act was just a clever ruse to get me to go out with him.”

Webster’s includes a second definition: “a trick or act that used to fool someone”

Most on-line dictionaries include the list below as antonyms for ruse.

1. truth

2. reality

3. sincerity

Update: 2-3-2012

It’s only appropriate to begin the story of the ‘Romney Ruse’, by starting with his early life. Understand, that the point we are intending to make herein, is not simply to degrade the privileged or an individual in this case, but instead to point out the lies or more politely the ruse Romney intends to create as a presidential candidate. His desire is to portray himself in a setting that would garner the most potential votes.

Romney claims he is a self-made man and on occasion notes the struggles he encountered as a young man. Unlike most college students, Romney’s education was entirely paid for by his parents. He never needed to obtain a student loan, which for many students delays marriage, the purchase of a home and other amenities when not undertaking the obligations of additional debt. Further, he did not have to obtain employment to pay for books and other education related items during his college years. And from a privileged family, Rodney was educated at a prestigious prep school to prepare him for college.

When Romney was married, his parents purchased a car for him and helped pay for an apartment. According to his wife Ann, they did not have to work. Later, his parents assisted him in purchasing a home. For the most part, Romney was a good student, obtaining honors and excellent grades and worked hard. After he completed his education and started a family, most of the money Romney obtained was through his own hard work. However, there are numerous sources that call into question his statements about never inheriting any money from his family. Although the numbers differ, there is credible evidence that he did in fact inherent nearly one million upon his father’s death in 1995. While there’s nothing wrong with being born into a privileged family, Romney should not act as if he struggled like most Americans to reach their station in life.


Pink Slips: Really??

While campaigning in New Hampshire, in response to concerns by an audience regarding employment and the loss of jobs, Romney blurted out,  “I know what it’s like to worry whether you’re gonna get fired.” he further went on to say, “I know what it’s like to worry whether you’re gonna get fired.” His rivals at immediately scoffed at the idea that Romney ever had to worry about receiving a pink slip. This was just another attempt to create a ruse to identify himself with the middle class and the average American family.

Texas governor, Rick Perry, responded by stating, “I have no doubt that Mitt Romney was worried about pink slips, whether he was going to have enough of them to hand out.”

However, when confronted by reporters, neither Romney or his campaign staff could give a specific instance where he was in jeopardy of losing employment. And even if Romney was fearful of receiving a pink slip, the circumstances would be quite different than the average American, who did not inherit $1 million and does not have a considerable amount of cash in the bank or in other investments. This is simply another Romney ruse to identify with middle America. What can we say, another Romney lie.


The abortion issue

It is not unusual for intelligent individuals to alter their positions on various issues upon obtaining additional information or improving their knowledge of same. Many people including politicians have altered the position on same-sex marriage upon obtaining additional information. However, with Romney one has to wonder whether it is a change in position due to the improvement of knowledge or simply based on the current direction of the political wind.

When Romney ran against Senator Ted Kennedy in 1994 for a Massachusetts Senate seat,Charles Manning, a political advisor of his informed the Boston Globe that there were “tiny nuances” in the difference between Kennedy’s and Romney’s view of abortion. In that same year, Romney proclaimed, in a debate with Kennedy, abortion should be legal, stating that, “regardless of one’s beliefs about choice, you would hope it would be safe and legal.”

As Americans,we enjoyed great freedoms including the ability to maintain and hold true to our personal beliefs. However, under no circumstances should we enact laws and force people to abide by our own personal beliefs that may strongly differ from theirs. This is what the Republican Party has evolved to since 2010 when the tea partiers took control of the House of Representatives. So again, what is Romney when it comes to the subject of abortion? At one time he was strongly pro-choice and now that he is running for president in a significantly more conservative Republican Party, he is against pro-choice and is intent on placing impediments in the way of those women that want to make their own decisions.

Update: 3-23-2012

This article published by the New York Magazine provides a psychological explanation why Mitt Romney is prone to lying. It’s really sad this individual actually has a chance of becoming the president of the United States. A pathological liar. Mitt Romney Lies a Lot, But He’s Not a Liar

More to come