Republican Myths

Republican Myths

Apr 6, 2014


Myth of Voter Fraud

And yet another nonpartisan study that concludes voter fraud is a Republican myth. In reality, the little voter fraud that does exist generally occurs by Republican Party members. The study described below was conducted by the Brennan Center,Of the New York University Law school.For those following politics,The latest major voter fraud scandal occurred during the last presidential election in Florida by a group conducting voter registration for the Republican Party.

It’s important to protect the integrity of our elections. But we must be careful not to undermine free and fair access to the ballot in the name of preventing voter fraud.

The Brennan Center’s ongoing examination of voter fraud claims reveal that voter fraud is very rare, voter impersonation is nearly non-existent and much of the problems associated with alleged fraud in elections relates to unintentional mistakes by voters or election administrators. Our report “The Truth About Voter Fraud” reveals most allegations of fraud turn out to be baseless — and that of the few allegations remaining, most reveal election irregularities and other forms of election misconduct.

Voter fraud is not acceptable in our elections, but we must find a balance and not impose solutions that make it harder for millions of eligible Americans to participate in our democracy.  Brennancenter.org