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Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson

Although I am very informed and engaged in the current presidential election, I must admit the shock when I began studying the Libertarian platform. Even more confusing are the results of several recent polls showing that many Bernie Sander’s millennials have moved toward the Libertarian party. The reason for my confusion is that the majority of their platform is further to the right than the Republican Party and diametrically opposite the issues adopted by the Sander’s progressive movement. In other words, why would a Sanders supporter migrate to a candidate that rebuffs the major components of the Sander’s platform.

I would be interested in hearing comments, especially from millennial’s, and more specifically from those who supported Bernie that now support the libertarians.

Key Issues

Johnson does not believe in climate change.

Johnson supports Citizens United.


Economy and Budget

  1. Pledged to submit a balanced budget within the first 100 days of his administration. This would necessitate a more than 20% decrease in current federal spending and will include the reduction of entitlements. A few departments would be eliminated and military spending dramatically decreased. Most experts on the Internet indicate this position would be dangerous to the economy and to senior citizens and low income individuals.
  2. They would reduce military spending by 20%. Military bases throughout the United States and the world would also be reduced by 20%. Experts on this issue indicate this proposal could jeopardize the security of the United States and our allies. Many indicated the proposal is dangerous.

Entitlements- Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

  1. In regard to Medicare and Medicaid, The libertarians would basically eliminate the role of the federal government. The literature on this issue believes this could result in 50 different systems and programs that could result in substantial chaos for these programs.
  2. Johnson, would reform Social Security, including increasing the eligibility age. His comments have ranged raising the age from 68 – 70.


Gun Control

  1. Does not believe the, “no-fly list”, should be utilized to deny a person gun ownership.
  2. Believes open carry should be a national policy as it will reduce mass shootings. He states that Americans would be safer if guns were more readily available and not restricted. He believes that private citizens carrying guns could have stopped some of the atrocities. He forgets that in Orlando there was a security guard on duty with a gun.
  3. Johnson believes that no restrictions should be placed on the purchase of automatic in semi automatic assault rifles

Medical and Abortion

  1. Supports abortion
  2. Supports Planned Parenthood
  3. Would eliminate the Affordable Care Act and has no plan to replace it with a different program.
  4. Does not believe in, nor would permit funding for stem cell research.
  5. Eliminate the Bush plan for prescription drug assistance.
  6. Does not believe in funding nor would support insurance four mental health issues.
  7. No government involvement whatsoever on any healthcare insurance.
  8. No government cost regulations related to prescription drug even those that are lifesaving.
  9. Reduce Medicare and Medicaid by at least 50% or eliminate altogether.


   International Trade

  1. In general Gary Johnson typically opposes trade agreements. However, he does support The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).