Ode To MY Dept Limit

In part, taken from an excerpt by Don Blevins on Facebook:

To my friends and family please take note of the following:

I have rejected raising my debt limit, and will default on my current debt and I am assured by the TeaParty Republicans in Congress that I will suffer no adverse effects. In
fact, I’m likely to enhance my revenues and entire financial condition. Small
businesses will be crying and fighting each other to give me a job. I may the
protection as small businesses storm my house.
Remember it is said that history repeats itself. I am reminded that Rome
burned while Nero played his fiddle. (Actually, republicans don’t know how to
play instruments or music; this is a democratic phenomenon)

One night I had a dream and morality, a sense of newfound ethics and a commitment to financial stability washed over me like a tsunami.  This was the same revelation that hit John Boehner who voted without question and with enthusiasm for the seven requests
by President Bush to increase the debt limit. I can see his logic now. Obama is
a Democrat and much worse, he’s black. (Well he used to be black before he
became the president; now he’s half white.)

Obama supports teachers, firefighters and other workers of
the middle class. Republicans could give a damn about the middle class, and
now I don’t care either. It’s easy not to care because I have signed a loyalty
oath to the Republican Party and consistently vote against my self- interests
and my own convictions.  They can screw me; I don’t really care.  I’m a proud Republican.
Those damn democrats fight with each other all the time and constantly have differing opinions.  There just like my family.

Finally, I can proudly walk around with my head raised.  Could I please have more Kool-Aid