Democratic Talking points for 2018


                       Democratic Talking points for 2018

  1. Health Insurance-The Affordable Care Act – (a.k.a. Obama Care) Although most informed people understood the Republican tax plan included a provision to repeal the mandate in the ACA, the Republicans now have taken ownership of the ACA. Prior to this, Donald Trump had scaled back the marketing campaign and shortened the enrollment period in an attempt to sabotage the system. As a result of these and other attempts to kill the ACA it is estimated premiums have increased between 20 – 30%. The Congressional Budget Office has further estimated a 10% premium increase due to the elimination of the mandate. In total then, the Trump administration has caused premiums to increase from a range of 30 to 40%.


  Talking Points: As a result of actions taken by the Trump administration and the Republican Congress, insurance premiums have increased from 30 to 40% in indivisible markets.

  1. The Trump administration has taken several actions to sabotage the ACA – these include reducing the enrollment period, eliminating the marketing campaign and education for the act, eliminating the mandate and other attempts to create uncertainty relative to the future of the act.
  2. The elimination of the mandate within the ACA, will result in 13 million people no longer having insurance over the next decade. This number is a result of findings from the Congressional Budget Office.
  3. According to the Kaiser family foundation and Center for American Progress, the results of Trump repealing the mandate will increase premiums from $400-$2000 a year. Goodbye tax cuts. In fact, in some analysis it notes that the repeal of the ACA mandate will reduce tax cuts for more than 50% of households. Thank you Donald Trump.


  1. Tax Reduction– Republican tax cuts – Depending on the source, it is estimated that approximately 80% of all households will receive some type of tax cut over the next few years. But make no mistake that the plan is geared to enhance Republican donors and the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the United States.


Background: According to NBC’s Maury Cartine, a tax expert at Marcum LLP, says the House legislation would save the president approximately 22.6 million per year and 1.1 billion over the next decade. This estimate is based on the 2005 few pages of the Trump tax returns. Donald Trump has refused to provide his complete returns and therefore there is considerable speculation as to his net worth and income.


What you should read:


The 3 False Promises Of The GOP’s Tax Plan-Forbes


Talking Points:

  1. The President’s tax plan has enhanced his annual income at a minimum to $22.6 million a year. And over the next decade to approximately $1.1 billion. Great for him, crumbs for the middle class and the poor.
  2. According to the Tax Policy Center analysis, the top 1% of earners a year will earn about 60% of the total tax cuts. That amounts to $60 going to one out of every 100 people. Or to put it another way – the top 1% get $60 and the remaining 99% split $40 – with the least going to the middle class and the poor.
  3. Only 62 percent of households would see a tax cut of at least $100 in 2019 under the GOP tax bill, but that percentage would drop in subsequent years, according to an analysis of the Joint Committee on Taxation.
  4. According to the analysis, 38 percent of households would either see a tax change of less than $100 in 2019 or a tax increase. Most of the people in that group, 30 percent, would see a tax change of less than $100. Sixty-two percent of tax returns would show a decrease in taxes of at least $100. (  The Hill  )
  5. 38 percent of all taxpayers would either pay about the same in taxes as they do now or get a tax hike of $100 or less. So essentially 38 out of every 100 taxpayers would not receive a tax cut. Most of these people reside in the upper middle, middle and poor classes.
  6. When promoting the plan, Trump stated “the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan.” According to fact check.org, this is totally false.


This is a work in progress and we intend to add more talking points the tax plan by this Friday. The important thing here is for each of us to remember these type of talking points which you can reconstruct in your own language. If you have any additional talking points, leave them in your comments and we will consider adding them. Remember, this is all hands-on deck and we cannot let Republicans turn this to a positive side over the next 11 months. We must keep hammering them on this and other issues.

R.J. Intindo