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If you have searched for an editor on the Internet, you’ve probably shook your head in dismay and left confused. Even after writing my second book, it took considerable time to weed through the various websites offering editing services. You must first understand the nomenclature of editing before making a decision. Below, we list and describe our full range of editing services, and attempt too reduce the confusion in regards to the type of edits and services that can be provided. We further offer recommendations to guide you through the process, especially if you are utilizing editing services for the first time.

The Randolph Review provides a full range of editing services for both fiction and nonfiction works. We also edit, brochures, term papers, and any other documents. The cost of editing varies based on the extent of services. Services can range from a simplistic grammatical edit to a complete line and content edit. If you are interested in obtaining further information, please e-mail us at edit@randolphreview.com and leave a phone number.

Note: Our editing fee structure is listed below.

We provide for types of editing and writing services.

The editing services include:

1.Grammatical edit

1. Line editing

2.Manuscript evaluation and critique

3.Developmental edit

4.Original or ghost writing

Each of these services are are described in detail below.

Grammatical edit: A grammatical edit is simply as the name implies, conducted to ensure the document or manuscript is grammatically correct.

Manuscript evaluation and critique:


Manuscript evaluation and critique involves providing an objective, yet candid review of your work. The manuscript or document need not be completed to obtain an evaluation. A manuscript evaluation report will be prepared and includes the following areas.

1. A critique of your writing style and ability

2. General suggestions for improvement, including a few suggestions.

3. A critique of your storyline

4. An evaluation of major editing requirements and the cost for same


In order to evaluate the cost to evaluate a nonfiction manuscript requires detailed, information about the subject, number of pages and writing experience of the author.  Please e-mail us for additional information.

Line Edit: A line edit is a phase in the editing process where a manuscript is edited for grammar tone, style, and consistency. For the most part, line edits are conducted after the manuscript or document has been completed.This phase of the process is the most critical and important for all documents.  A quality line editor can make the difference between success or failure in what you are attempting to achieve. Considering the current state of publishing, most publishing houses will only accept professionally edited material.


Fee Structure:

Grammatical edit: A grammatical edit is .o1 cents per word with a minimum of 50.00 dollars. This category of editing does not include a review of content or the story line.

Line Edit-fiction: The typical cost for a line edit is approximately.16 per word. However, we request that you first submit six pages for a free edit prior to establishing a firm figure.

The other types of edits, are currently under revision: please e-mail us for additional information-and do not forget to leave a phone number.

Manuscript Evaluation and Critique:  The cost for manuscript evaluation is approximately $50 per 50 pages, up to 250 pages.  Above 250 pages the cost is $30.00 per 50 pages.  A manuscript evaluation report will be prepared and includes the following areas.

Manuscript and document submission requirements: Click here


Should you have questions, email us at edit@randolphreview.com

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