manuscript submission requirements

Manuscript Submission Requirements

First page of each chapter: at the top of the page of each chapter, please include the author’s name, chapter number, and current title of the document.

R.J. Intindola-Chapter One- The Racer

This page provides information necessary for submission of the standard manuscript format. All of the lines are double


The margins are set at one inch all sides of the page. The type size is 12 point, and the font is Times New Roman or

Courier New.

All the type should be black. Pages should be numbered at the center bottom beginning with the first page.

Begin each new chapter with a new page. indent each paragraph 6 spaces utilizing the key rather than a the space bar.

Your computer program will count words for you.

The manuscript or document can be e-mailed as an attachment. we utilize various editing programs that will be returned

to you once the edit is completed.


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