GOP Obstruction- Update-9-9-2012

Most of us are quite aware that the GOP has set new records for obstructing the appointment of federal officials as recommended by the Obama administration. Many experts, observers and even current and retired Republican judges have stated that the GOP has set the federal court system on a dangerous course. GOP obstruction  “ On average, President Obama’s nominees have waited over 100 days to be confirmed, nearly 5 times longer than President Bush’s nominees did at the same point in his administration”. DPCC

The irony here is that many of the pending appointments are actually Republicans. It is well known among insiders within the Washington beltway that the GOP is intent on stagnating any movement of the Obama administration. As a Democrat, I would not stand for my party nor have any respect for them should they take such action. But Republicans pat themselves on the back and toast to the stagnation of our federal government. The people don’t count any longer with them; just control of the federal government.

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Update- 9-9-2012

Many authors, such as Mann and Ornstein have written articles and books over the last year supported by factual information that the GOP has deliberately obstructed any actions that would make Pres. Obama look good.  Mann and Ornstein

Since we wrote about the findings of man and Ornstein, several other publications have reiterated the deliberate actions by Republicans in Congress to stymie progress. So who is really to blame for the lack of jobs and other improvements in the United States? The American people in polls lately have indicated it’s the Republicans. So maybe we should back off that Mr. Obama hasn’t made progress and instead point directly at the GOP. Here is the latest survey and poll on the subject. tpmdc

A recent survey- 6-7-201- Dailykos





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