Things You should know about Presidient Obama- Part-1

The Motley Fool says there are 19 reasons to be optimistic about the economic future of the United States. A link is provided below. The Motley fool is an investment advisory and information service and a nonpartisan organization. In the article, there is no mention of the presidential election or any partisan issues. These and other advisory organizations on the Internet have noted the aspects contained herein within the economy are all excellent indicators that we are moving in the right direction. And this movement is despite the obstructionism of the GOP, including denying our veterans of war jobs when they return. Republicans, start weeping.


1. Crude oil production is at a 15 year high

2. Natural gas production is at its highest level ever

3. Shale oil production in Texas has increased more than 10 times under Obama

4. Oil imports have dropped for the first time in decades

5. Another method to analyze oil imports

6. The United States now exports more petroleum products then it imports since the 1940s

7. Net imports are moving down and in the right direction under Obama

8. Nearly 40,000 new jobs have been created in oil and gas extraction under Obama

9. Housing debt payments as a ratio of income is at an 18 year low

10. Including private and public debt throughout the economy, as a share of GDP is falling for the first time in decades. An absolute fact.

11. Manufacturing growing under Obama and we are still the number one manufacturer in the world

12. We are the number one manufacturer in the world based on hourly production

13.  New housing starts are moving up quickly after falling dramatically under George Bush

14. New unemployment claims are below the long-term average

15. Another method of viewing the current employment conditions

16. And don’t let the Republicans fool you. Healthcare expenditure growth is at a 50 year low and declining. Just the facts Republicans don’t want you to know.

17. Pvt. investment is currently booming and moving up

18. Real exports of goods and services continue to rise

19. We have one of the youngest populations in the developing world which has several positive ramifications

Link-Motley Fool

R.J. Intindola

President Clinton gets it right

Rated true that Democrats create more jobs than Republicans. polticfact.

Don’t waste your time trying to debate or reason with Republicans

By R.J. Intindola


While this information has existed for some time, it’s been rarely mentioned over the past several months. I am referring to, who gets assigned blame for the recession and the state of the economy. At this point of the Obama tenure, he most certainly should have shown progress relative to the date he entered office. However, the 800,000+ job losses in January of 2009, the month he took the oath of office are the greatest in any single month since the Great Depression.

Nonpartisan political theorists of which I have written about on here in the past, have attempted to dissect and explain the blame game. Before digging into documentation pertaining to statistical references such as polls on who’s to blame, first let me illustrate why I titled this article, “Don’t waste your time trying to debate Republicans.”  In January of this year, I discovered that having a civil and honest debate with the vast majority of Republicans was simply a waste of time. A teacher in the state of Georgia had responded to an article I wrote for another blog. Her reference was to my support and explanation of the presidents jobs bill that was never addressed by the House of Representatives. Yes, they voted approximately 30 times kill the affordable care act but never on the single most significant item that brought Republicans into office, jobs.

Georgia is a state like many others with Republican governors that have cut teacher salaries, rejected stimulus monies for schools, increased furlough days (thus reducing annual salary) is making every attempt to utilize vouchers and other resources to reduce the number of public schools and students in public education. There have been significant teacher layoffs and class sizes in most counties have increased to more than 30 students. What baffled me was that the teacher didn’t seem phased by the fact her salary was reduced, her task made more difficult due to class size, she would soon be evaluated in a manner that wouldn’t take into consideration the knowledge students had entering her class and the Republican elected officials were degrading the performance of public teachers. All of those things she said did hurt the teacher and were wrong. However, despite those issues violating her personal convictions, she stated, “Obama is the worst president we have ever had.”

The underlying theme is simply republicans hate president Obama regardless of the facts. They are programmed. Republican candidates for federal and many state offices are required to sign a loyalty oath in order to receive contributions from the party. Charlie Crist, one-time Florida governor refused to sign a loyalty oath and therefore could not run on the Republican ticket.

Now, for a few numbers that may startle most readers other than Republicans. Six months after Pres. Obama assumed office in 2009, a Gallup poll was taken regarding blame for the recession. Keep in mind that foreclosures began rising significantly in 2006 and by 2007, had reached a level of several thousand a month. The financial industry and markets had collapsed from the latter part of 2007 and 2008. Unemployment was increasing rapidly. After six months in office, 32% blamed Obama for recession that was started three years before he assumed office. In 2012 when the same question was asked, the good news for the Democrats is that 68% of all people blamed George Bush ranging from a great deal to a moderate amount of blame. On the other hand, only 52% indicated President Obama is to blame from a great deal to a moderate extent.  Here is the link to the Gallup poll.



2012 Campagin Links


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General Feeds

From CNN Politico

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Job creation- Employment:

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Lies-and Deception:

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Personal Income Taxes

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Vice President Selection– See Paul Ryan:


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Paul Ayn Ryan BS

Let’s face it, Ryan gave a great speech. A speech filled with lies and deception. And he did it all on a straight face. They blame Pres. Obama for closing the plant in 2008 in his hometown before Mr. Obama took the oath of office. Ryan voted for two unfunded wars, TARP and  the stimulus under George Bush. He haven’t requested the OSHA stimulus monies and if you remember like about it the day after he was selected by Willard.
He voted with George Bush on every one of his economic policies that resulted in the current recession. Now he’s the one that will fix it. Amazing. He has policy amnesia in that he was once a big spender before he became a budget hawk? A bunch of lying phonies.
PS: Every fact check organization and independent policy study has noted that the Ryan budget will reduce jobs, not increase them. Can anyone find a study that says his budget will improve the employment market?


Update: 8-30-2012- 5:30 PM

While there are a few Republican blogs and websites that make a futile effort to make Ryan’s speech the truth, every fact checking organization and the general media note the speech was mostly incorrect or a lie. Think progress which is a liberal based website notes areas issues 1-6 below as the most significant lies. More later Think Progress

For those of you that are uninformed, don’t think for a moment what sounded like a great speech is gospel. Educate yourself because the man giving the speech, is lying. Just as he lied to the press on 60 min. and when questioned if he ever requested stimulus money.

 1. A downgraded America

2. More debt than any other president before him, and more than all the troubled

3. Shuttered General Motors plant is “one more broken promise

4. Obama “did exactly nothing” on Bowles-Simpson

5. $716 billion, funneled out of Medicare by President Obama

6. The greatest of all responsibilities is that of the strong to protect the weak

The Newsroom- A must watch




Poll results for Senate race in Missouri is a disgrace

Recently, Thomas Frank, political thinker and writer wrote an essay in Harper’s Magazine. Salon.com columnist David Daley, conducted an extensive interview on his essay. You can read the entire interview and essay by clicking here. However, as with the Mann and Ornstein, Frank indicates Democrats are too soft and willing to reach across the aisle. He blames Obama’s failures on two major issues. First, Obama’s conciliatory nature and second, Republican obstructionism. He notes they think they are the elite class. Below is an excerpt from the interview with Frank where he notes that having Paul Ryan and Todd Akin “would be a disaster for this country.” if you have read Mann and Ornstein, Frank, and other political writers, they generally note and are baffled by the Republican constituency being ignored by the people they elect into office. The question I have; Are you ready to get mean? Are you ready to fight? I am.


So what is the lesson to take from that? That things are so impossibly broken, that there is this ruling class that cannot be defeated?

Well, I don’t know. They haven’t been defeated by my team, you know, by Team Liberal. Let Paul Ryan get in there and do his tricks … No, that’s a really cynical, awful thing to say. I’m very disheartened these days, let me put it that way. I don’t mean to be cynical, but I don’t see any other way to talk about this. I myself will probably vote for Barack Obama, almost for sure, because you know, getting Paul Ryan and company in power would be a disaster for this country, there’s no question about it. We need look no further than Todd Akin to remember why.

 Latest Missouri Senate race poll: This tells you that Republicans simply don’t care about women, the elderly, the poor, education, and other social values.

Fact Check Links

On this page, we look to build a comprehensive listing of all of the fact checking regarding the 2012 presidential campaign.






The Fact Checker-4-23-2012- Romney claims on small business are determined to be untrue. Washington Post

Job Creation:

The Fact Checker– 5-18-2012- “Mitt Romney’s claim that 100,000 auto jobs have been lost under Obama. This statement rated four Pinocchios as a total fabrication.

The Fact Checker-1-10-2012- Mitt Romney and 100,000 Jobs: an untenable figure


comcast.net– 8-12-2012- FACT CHECK: Questionable claims in veep debut


ABC News– 8-7-2012- Welfare-Fact checking the Obama administrations position on welfare reform.To hear Mitt Romney tell it, President Obama wants to let lazy welfare recipients sit around collecting checks, with no strings attached. Another lie.

The Fact Checker-8-8- 2012- Welfare- Fact checking the Obama administrations position on welfare reform. Spin and counterspin in the welfare debate


GOP Obstruction- Update-9-9-2012

Most of us are quite aware that the GOP has set new records for obstructing the appointment of federal officials as recommended by the Obama administration. Many experts, observers and even current and retired Republican judges have stated that the GOP has set the federal court system on a dangerous course. GOP obstruction  “ On average, President Obama’s nominees have waited over 100 days to be confirmed, nearly 5 times longer than President Bush’s nominees did at the same point in his administration”. DPCC

The irony here is that many of the pending appointments are actually Republicans. It is well known among insiders within the Washington beltway that the GOP is intent on stagnating any movement of the Obama administration. As a Democrat, I would not stand for my party nor have any respect for them should they take such action. But Republicans pat themselves on the back and toast to the stagnation of our federal government. The people don’t count any longer with them; just control of the federal government.

Other Links:

Update- 9-9-2012

Many authors, such as Mann and Ornstein have written articles and books over the last year supported by factual information that the GOP has deliberately obstructed any actions that would make Pres. Obama look good.  Mann and Ornstein

Since we wrote about the findings of man and Ornstein, several other publications have reiterated the deliberate actions by Republicans in Congress to stymie progress. So who is really to blame for the lack of jobs and other improvements in the United States? The American people in polls lately have indicated it’s the Republicans. So maybe we should back off that Mr. Obama hasn’t made progress and instead point directly at the GOP. Here is the latest survey and poll on the subject. tpmdc

A recent survey- 6-7-201- Dailykos





The silent obstruction of judicial nominees: 5-4-2012

The strategy behind judicial obstruction: 5-7-2012