Christopher Lee — United States Representative or shall we say former


This is very similar to the Jim Trussell, Ohio State coach dilemma. Trussell wrote a book on the morals and ethics of college football and how significant they are to the character and grooming of the college athlete. Then he proceeded to violate every one and more of the principles he touted in his hypocritical book. We all make mistakes and can be forgiven depending on where we came from and how we handle our misgivings.

The same analogy can be made of the Republican Party which touts itself as the epitome of morality, of family values and the American spirit. But are they really? After all, how many Democrats in the past 12 months, have stolen from taxpayers, had breaches of ethics, cheated on their spouses, and out right flip-flopped as Obama’s opinions are made public. See Newt Gingrich the world’s gold medal flip-flopper. 3-23-2011  Goldmedalistflip-flopperGingrich

Ex United States Representative Christopher Lee went on to craigslist and proceeded to look for women. Just goes to show you he wasn’t too bright in the first place. Wouldn’t a bar be more secluded and hidden from the millions that traverse the internet on a daily basis?

A 34-year-old Maryland women and government employee, provided the Gawker website with e-mails she received from Lee.the woman had placed an ad in this section of women looking for men’s section of the Craigslist website

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