Michelle Bachmann-Video History

Below, is a number of videos of Michelle Bachman we’ve collected throughout the Internet.  If we are missing one, please let us know.  We’ve attempted to organise the videos by date.
1. October 17, 2008- Michelle Bachman a two scenes members of Congress of being un-American
2. April 2, 2010- This video is a compilation of her various ignorant statements.  Astounding as it may be, there are actually live human beings voting for this person for president.
3.  January 25, 2011-Representative Michelle Bachmann delivers the Tea Party response to the State of the Union.
4. April 25, 2011- a compilation of miscues and inaccurate statements by Bachmann
5. June 22, 2011- Keith Olbermann, on Current TV interviewing Rolling Stone Magazine about an article they wrote on Michelle Bachman.