Representative Paul Broun-government workers need to find a real job

According to Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), ” government workers need to find a real job. ” I’m assuming he wasn’t including himself in that statement. Speaking to a conservative radio hosts, Broun stated he opposed raising the debt limit because it would not affect anyone with a “real job.” It’s hard to imagine that, postal workers, FBI agents, teachers, soldiers, and other government workers do not have a “real job.” Braun who represents the Athens Georgia area must be a major hit among public servants that work within his district.

In a conversation with Martha Zoller, discussing the loss of jobs, Braun offered,“Well those are gonna be government employees that are put out of work,” he said. “There are a lot of government employees that need to go find a real job.”

Furthermore, Broun not only disagrees with raising the debt limit, but is actually stated it should be reduced. This method of ideology is what raises the ire of democrats and the eyelashes of moderate republicans. John Cole of  Ballon Juice refers to Broun as “a new frontrunner for the dumbest person in Washington.” Come on Georgia, you can do better.  Even his fellow republicans believe Broun is off the charts.  Economist note that acceptance of his proposal would create catastrophic economic circumstances on a global basis.  We would barely have enough funding to cover our debt and maybe one entitlement program. There would be absolutely no funding for the military.  Now, can you honestly say that we’re dealing with intelligent individual here?

The scary part about all of this is that Broun is dead serious. It’s a wonder how people like this ever get elected.

The dumbest elected official in Washington for August 2011.


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