Michael’s Auto Sales- Bad Company

Avoid buying a vehicle from this Hollywood Florida dealer.  Three and a half months ago my son purchased a used car from Michael’s Auto Sales in Hollywood Florida.  Besides the fact that the car needed new brakes and bearings within two weeks of purchase that they would not cover, they have succeeded in messing up my and my son’s credit history.  They took a Nissan truck in trade which carried a balance.  That balance was added on to the new financing and they were to pay off the  previous loan – which took them THREE MONTHS to do.  During that time, the previous loan company continued to draft payments from the bank account, creating overdrafts and bank charges.  Both my son and I called Michael’s regularly and kept getting the run-around; “didn’t have the finance company’s phone number”, “didn’t have a pay-off number”, “finance guy is on vacation”, etc., etc.  They have now finally sent a check to the finance company but it was about $200 less than the amount included on the new financing.  It included the accumulated interest over the three months but not the extra payment that was taken from the bank so we are still out the $465 payment plus bank charges, AND we are making payments on the new loan which is higher than it should be due to the incorrect payoff amount.  All this adds up to delinquencies reported by the bank and the finance company, a deficit in the bank account for an extra payment on a truck we don’t own and bank charges he can’t afford; all because Michael’s Auto Sales held on to the payoff money for three months.  This is, at the least, unethical and most certainly SHODDY business, bordering on illegal.

My son should have conducted an internet search on the performance of this company. He acknowledges that had he conducted a search, he would of never purchased a car from this company. We have included links to reviews on the company. You will be astounded at the negative  intensity.

Ripoff Report

Better Business Review– 30 + compliants

Google reviews

Complaints Board



So much for Best Buy and geek squad

Be careful when: upon the geek squad, part of the I don’t care, “Best Buy,” conglomerate. First, they will charge you an arm and a leg and try to change all of your equipment. We were having trouble with our wireless network and after paying $500 for them to upgrade the system into ensure it would operate at a higher level, we are left two weeks later with a system that is less effective than prior to their work. My advice, stay away from this organization. They are money grabbers and did not back up their work.



The Bad, The Ugly, And The Worst Companies

You can utilize this thread to post your comments relative to problems with governments, businesses and other organizations that do provide the services for which they were originally intended. Also, post your comments relative to products and problems with companies that don’t honor the quality service they promise.

I cannot explain how many people I have known that had construction problems with homes built by D.R. Horton. On the third day I moved into my new home, it rained and guess what happened next. There was a roof leak in the master bedroom closet. It took several hours for us to remove the clothes and other items we had just unpacked to a safe location which disrupted us from fully unpacking other items. They did not fix the leak until the fifth day at which time, they had to replace the carpet. Over the course of the next few years, there would be for four additional weeks in the vicinity of the closet in the master bedroom which constantly disrupted or alive. DR Horton not only lacked sympathy in response but was actually indignant concerning our problem. These people are poison and I caution anyone from buying a home from this company.