Rick Scott-Broken Jobs Promises

If you pay much attention to Florida Gov., Rick Scott you probably know that the vast majority of his campaign promises have not been fulfilled. And according to various sources who study political issues, it is unlikely that most of his promises will not come to fruition.

Tricky Ricky

Tricky Ricky

According to the Tampa Bay times, 96% of the jobs Rick Scott promised have not been created. In a December, 2013 article, the Tampa Bay Times reported that, “The jobs outlook isn’t better in Tampa Bay, where Scott inked deals to create 7,251 jobs in exchange for $39 million in tax breaks. Jobs created to date: 462”. This is a sad commentary for those people who relied upon Scott’s promises.

According to the Miami Herald, Rick Scott made 27 promises in Dade County to create 2733 jobs. To date, not one job was created through the effort of the Gov.’s program. See link Miami Herald link at the bottom of this section. The Miami Herald also notes that Rick Scott stakes his election and reelection on increasing jobs and that he has to this point failed to live up to his commitment.

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