Hobos and Poets

“Hobos and Poets.” This was written in 1979. A battle against evil and help for the downtrodden. First third of poem.

So many have come and gone before

I don’t know who they were and what they dreamed to be

Some were hobos and poets, but most were real

Their lives rolled through an alley into the tragedy

Well the time has come once again

To cross the bridge to the vast unknown

And with all the will and power that I may have

It’s just a vision, I call my own

Fore tonight I’m going to change things

As only the strong can do

Fore life is so limited to waste

The way most people do

And with all the strength I have within me

My God, can you help me, just this one time

Yes, I know I’ve not been to you before

But that was when I was in my prime

Well, we fought till we had nothing

A darkened evil thought they had won the war

But instead we came back at them

And gave our pain some more

Fore when the dust had settled

The masses called us bold

Fore we left there with them standing, naked

Alone, and in the cold.